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Company Culture

The company culture is the extension of the company's operating philosophy, which is approval and respect by all of the staffs, and it is according with the company characteristics, mission, spirit, values and business concept.

1Kexin Logo

1Predominant Color

1Red is Chinese traditional auspicious color, represent the passion, positive, enthusiastic and happiness

2Kexin red is representing the Kexin staff enthusiasm, positive, love…


1The structure is come from the letter of Kexin, which is consisting of the flower, bridge, K letter and X letter.

2Bridge is representing Kexin staff communicate and open.

3The flower is representing Kexin will let the life get better and more vitality.

4The logo is like the branches and leaves. It is representing Kexin making good resolutions to established globalization company.  

5The logo is like Clenching hands, It is representing Kexin has group cohesiveness.

6X is the basic elements of Kexin logo; it is mean unknown and infinite, and representing Kexin people work hard in scientific exploration.

3Logo and Kexin Standard Word.

1Logo and Kexin standard EN word Combination ( two way)


2Logo and Kexin name combination

2Company Expectation

Developing an excellent global communications network equipment, solutions and technology service provider

1Research and development of independent intellectual property rights and advanced technology

2Lead or participate industry standards

3Lead or participate product quality and Technical service standards

4Avocation and compliance design idea of high efficiency and low consumption, Energy saving, and environmentally friendly


Break through the traditional technology; promote new technological, leading the industry development

3Kexin Purpose

Kexin will innovate and develop with following that the concept of innovation as the guidance, strategic innovation as the direction, organization innovation as guarantee, technical innovation and the market innovation as the goal.

4Business Philosophy

Technology First, Integrity Oriented

Kexin always respects science and technology, explores technology and researches technology.

Kexin will research unknown technology according to the know technology.

Kexin insists that honesty is the foundation of development.


Make Common Growth with Partners, Make Common Development with Staff, Create Value for Shareholders, Create Wealth for Society

1Help partners to promote greater value

2Ensure the staff development and company development is synchronous.

Ensure the investor will get a better investment income

3Kexin will always been patrons of charities.

4Enhance the competitiveness, create greater value


United, Open, Innovation, Pragmatic

7Enterprise Culture

1Continuous Innovation Management System

1Continue to study the international advanced enterprise management mode, and apply to the Kexin company management system.

2To established a perfect and standardized management system.

3Apply International quality standard system to ensure company quality management.

2Establish Leaning Organization

1Kexin staff will keep on learning during the work and after the work.

2Learning is a good habits in Kexin

3Persistent study yields steady progress

3Company Publications

Kexin Peoplewill publish monthly, Kexin people is a recording which is including the Kexin history, staff live, work experience sharing and manufacture technology.

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