Huawei’s Terabit routing technology leading in the ultra-broadband era

Huawei’s Terabit routing technology leading in the ultra-broadband era

(Summary description)As one of the largest and influential events in the industry, P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2013 will be held in Beijing, China, from September 24th to 28th. Over the years, the event has been attracting operators and vendors around the globe to discuss industry trends, showcase latest technologies, and spotlight advancements and competition in ultra-broadband area.


As one of the largest and influential events in the industry, P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2013 will be held in Beijing, China, from September 24th to 28th. Over the years, the event has been attracting operators and vendors around the globe to discuss industry trends, showcase latest technologies, and spotlight advancements and competition in ultra-broadband area.

As a long-term strategic partner for many world’s leading operators, Huawei will showcase its industry-leading Terabit routing technology on the event. Backed by its consistent investment and continuous innovations, Huawei launched industry’s 1st 1Tbps line-card on its Global Analysts’ Summit in April 2013.  Both the 1 Tbps line card and the Solar 3.0 in-house designed chipsets will be showcased on this event.

According to 3rd party report, the internet traffic will increase over 7 times in the next 5 years. With the explosive growth in network traffic, broadband network infrastructure will be the fundamental resource of a country or even the world. Ultra-broadband technologies, represented by Huawei Terabit routing platform, will further drive innovations in information technologies and trigger a new wave of ultra-broadband network development.

Operators around the globe are committed to high-efficient, green, and sustainable networks in the digital flood era. With deep understanding in operators’ backbone network evolution needs, In April 2013, Huawei launched the 1st 1Tbps line card on its core router NE5000E, which yields the chassis total capacity of 32Tbps, setting the industry’s record. The line-card, powered by Solar3.0 chipset, has the power consumption of less than 0.9W/G. The line card supports high density 10GE/40GE/100GE ports, and is also compatible with current GE/10G POS/40G POS ports. The terabit line card, combined with the multi-chassis architecture of Huawei’s NE5000E router, greatly enhances core backbone network’s scalability. The debut of Huawei’s 1Tbps routing line-card’s also makes NE5000E the industry only core router that can simultaneously support 100Gbps, 400Gbps, and 1Tbps on a single slot, and can also smoothly scale to 2Tbps per slot in the future.

As the leader of ultra-broadband era, Huawei will keep innovating and take ultra-broadband forward.


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