China Mobile and Huawei bring 4G to the Everest

China Mobile and Huawei bring 4G to the Everest

(Summary description)China Mobile's Tibet unit has hold a 4G trial network launching ceremony on the afternoon of  June 11th, it announced that more than 50 4G experience locations were already deployed, and the 4G era is speeding up to embrace Tibet, a consecrated border land of China.


China Mobile's Tibet unit has hold a 4G trial network launching ceremony on the afternoon of  June 11th, it announced that more than 50 4G experience locations were already deployed, and the 4G era is speeding up to embrace Tibet, a consecrated border land of China.

Zhuo Feng, the general manager of China Mobile's Tibet arm said, the operator has been committed to provide mobile communication service everywhere for customers by using the most information communication technologies, and help enhancing overall level of information in Tibet. Launching 4G trial network in Tibet, is not only to meet the development needs of Tibet Mobile, but also to implement the national information construction strategy. And most importantly, it’s an important measure for the benefit of the people of Tibet.

Zhuo also indicated that China Mobile plans to invest nearly CNY 300 million yuan in Tibet to build more than 800 4G base stations this year. The plan aims at achieving continuous coverage in the urban core of Lhasa, and hot-spots will cover the general districts of Lhasa as well as the remaining six main cities in Tibet . Meanwhile,demonstration sites would be put into construction in each county towns of Tibet. The highways and major scenic spots will get hot-spots coverage as well.

China Mobile will further boost investment plans to make the 4G network coverage available to all areas of the Tibet Autonomous Region including county, rural area and village, which is about to bring 4G era with fast and more convenient communication services to 3 million Tibetan people.

At the scene of the launching ceremony, China Mobile demonstrated a series of new 4G technologies and offerings to more than 200 guests. What impress most is the HD video “transfer as you shoot” feature based on 4G, which successfully brings the pictures and sounds from all directions including Everest Base Camp, Shanan and Nyingchi business hall, the Potala Palace and other 4G coverage areas to the main venue in Lhasa in real time.

Huawei’s project manager who is in charge of Tibet network deployment said, in addition to the network in launching ceremony location, the TD-LTE base stations at Everest Base Camp, Shannan, Nyingchi business hall and other venues involved in the activity were all built by Huawei. Among all the difficulties, the construction of base station at Everest Base Camp can be on the top of the list.

According to C114, it’s the second cooperation between China Mobile and Huawei at Mount Everest. In the second half of 2007, to ensure the safety of mountaineering tour and to support the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch relay, China Mobile, together with Huawei and other partners, realized GSM coverage at Mount Everest after overcoming a series of difficulties as weather, transportation,etc.Now, Huawei’s GSM base stations at Everest Base Camp has been running stably for many years and provide tourists invaluable communication services.


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