China likely to issue 4G licenses Dec 6-18

China likely to issue 4G licenses Dec 6-18

(Summary description)  Beijing will likely issue three 4G mobile network licenses to operators including China Mobile Ltd sometime between Dec. 6 and Dec. 18, the official Shanghai Securities News reported, citing unident


  Beijing will likely issue three 4G mobile network licenses to operators including China Mobile Ltd sometime between Dec. 6 and Dec. 18, the official Shanghai Securities News reported, citing unidentified sources.

  The licenses would be for the domestically developed TD-LTE standard rather than the more international FDD-LTE, the newspaper said, without identifying other operators that will likely receive the licenses.

  The long-awaited move will mainly benefit China Mobile, developer of the TD-LTE standard. Rivals China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd and China Telecom Corp Ltd will use the FDD-LTE standard.

  China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier for subscribers, is stepping up efforts to develop its 4G infrastructure, aiming to expand its TD-LTE network to more than 300 cities, Shanghai Securities News said, citing Vice President Li Zheng Mao.

  The 4G rollout is expected to benefit equipment makers Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp, as well as Chinese Internet firms.


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