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A Kexin people's own debate contest - Kexin Technology Corporate Culture Debate Competition - officially kicked off on June 13!
The time has not yet arrived, the venue has long been crowded, and the colleagues cheering for the battle have been screaming, and even the invited judges have been affected by the excitement of the scene, and they want to become a member of the debate field to feel its charm.
The host is generously announcing the official start of the game.
First of all, the main judge, the vice president of the supply chain, Wu Hongli, opened the game for the game. Mr. Wu said with emotion: this debate will be the most meaningful cultural construction event held by Kexin Technology this year. I hope that the players present will give full play to their ingenuity and wish all players can achieve excellent results!
The first to appear is the square team - the research team's blast team, their view is: innovation is more important than execution. In the beginning of this year, the company made a major update to the corporate culture program. One of them is the improvement of core values: customer-oriented, technology-first; pragmatic and hard-working. Among them, “Technology First” shows that Kexin people attach importance to technology research and development and application. Only innovation can better meet the needs of customers and create value for customers.
The anti-party team is the Thunder Excellence Team on the public support platform. Their view is that execution is more important than innovation. We advocate the wolf culture, what is the characteristics of the wolf? Strong execution, focus, and tight-fitting goals, and a keen insight into the market in the process of efficient execution. We must trust the company and believe in the strategy. We believe that we will find and find the direction to solve the problem in the implementation. We must remember that the previous sentence of "Looking at the Starry Sky" is "down-to-earth."
The free debate session made the audience even more stunning, with a slap in the face and a golden sentence. The audience climaxed and the audience applauded.
The first exciting debate ended in an unbeatable exclamation. The corporate culture team quickly counted the judges' scores. The moderator announced: "The first team to advance to the semi-finals has produced, they are - the anti-Leon team of excellence ( Public support platform)". The scene has already been convinced by the extraordinary eloquence and imposing manners of the Thunder Super League team in the previous debate, and there have been enthusiastic applause.
With a little rest, the second debate will begin as scheduled. The party team that participated in this exhibition is the team of the public support platform. Their point of view is that quality is manufactured. Among them, Fangfang X. Xie Xiaohui, in order not to affect the entire team, was still on the battlefield with a high fever, and played very well.
The second team of the opposing team is the SEAL of the marketing system. Their view is that quality is designed. This team comes from the International Marketing Department and is an elite unit of Kexin's overseas market, representing the strategic hope of Kexin's future. They spend most of the year traveling around the world, have no time to spend time with their families, and have no time to enjoy life, but all their efforts come from a strong sense of mission and responsibility. Their journey is the stars and the sea!
It was also a fierce competition that was arrogant and inconsistent. The final marketing system of the SEALs won the game through rigorous and humorous discussions, becoming the second team to enter the semi-finals!
Special thanks to the cheerleaders who cheered for the various teams. Your encouragement and shouting are the motivation for the players to become invincible. The belief that you will win ignited the fighting rush to the victory, because with you, let this The competition is full of possibilities.

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