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"To explore a business, we must first understand what our company is, what our company will be, and what our company should be" - Drucker.

What is our business?

On April 29, 2019, the company organized the fifth lecture hall of Kexin Technology Enterprise Culture, and invited the company's deputy general manager Yang Yakun as the guest speaker. Mr. Yang first told us about the company's development history:

Starting from scratch: In 2001, Kexin had just been established. Everything started from scratch. It was difficult for start-ups to make loans. When the company was in the most difficult time, the account was less than 50,000 yuan, and the payment of employees’ wages became a problem, but even so, The employees of the letter have been constantly giving up and following the company. The situation of the company's financial difficulties has not changed for a long time. Several core shareholders took out the real estate license and mortgaged it to the company for turnover. Year after year, the blank pages of many shareholders' real estate licenses were not enough to cover the mortgage, and they had to be renewed. Change your real estate license.

Taking advantage of the trend: In the 2008 financial crisis, the country began to launch the 4 trillion economic stimulus plan, and invested heavily in infrastructure construction. The communications industry also kicked off the 3G construction. Subsequently, the state promulgated the FTTH fiber-to-the-home plan, followed by The country has issued a 4G license. With the industry opportunity and the unremitting efforts of the company's struggling people, the company has grasped the general trend of the industry development, and the revenue scale has increased five-fold in three years, which has enabled Kexin to gain a foothold in the market and successfully succeed in the GEM in 2016. Listing.

Zhicun Gaoyuan: Since 2017, due to the closing of 4G construction and the fact that 5G has not been commercialized on a large scale, the company's performance cannot be greatly broken due to the reduction of operators' investment and construction. But despite this, the company will not give up its investment in the future due to short-term adjustments, and we are full of confidence in the future of the communications industry. 5G, IDC, IoT... New technologies and new trends are leading the industry trend, which is a challenge for the company and a bigger opportunity. To this end, the company has carried out a series of layouts, such as the introduction of technical experts, the establishment of the Kexin Technology Research Institute, the reform of the marketing system, the transformation of human resources and other management changes. At the same time, in 2018, the company identified four major product solutions. Program:

What will our business be?

When it comes to the United States, we think of the American dream, freedom, and democracy;

When it comes to France, we think of romanticism and poetry;

When it comes to China, we think of a country that is hardworking, brave, and hardworking;


When people say, "This is a common phenomenon here," they are talking about culture.

General Yang said that everyone sitting here today may feel that this is a simple publicity meeting organized by the company. Everyone is present on time and listens carefully. However, the corporate culture program of more than 7,000 words was determined by the company after more than a year of research and several rounds of discussion.

Mr. Yang showed us the timeline for the company to sort out the corporate culture. From the end of December 2017, Yang Du, one of the “Huawei Six Gentlemen”, led the project team to give the company a corporate culture project consultation. By June 2018, The first draft of the consulting team project was given, and from June 2018 to December 2018, the company's management team discussed the five-day meeting until the final review in January 2019, which lasted more than a year. Every meeting was revised and improved word by word. Among them, in the third discussion meeting, for the 102 words in the cultural outline, the participants repeatedly revised and revised for nearly four hours before they finally presented to everyone. The more than 7,000 words of Kexin corporate culture outline. Therefore, the years you feel are quiet, and some people are carrying heavy weight for you.

What should our business be?

Then, Mr. Yang explained the company's corporate culture and talked about core values. Mr. Yang said that although our public support platform does not directly face customers, our work also needs to adhere to the "customer as the root." The customer's importance to the company does not need to be rumored. Mr. Yang took a picture of Mr. Yang Du to explain the relationship between customer value and company development: solving the customer's current pain points can make the company's short-term profit, and solving the customer's medium-term demand can enhance the company's competitiveness, but If you want to be able to grasp the industry's development trends, you must help to achieve the long-term vision of the customer.

A group of people, one thing, a lifetime, fight together, win

Finally, colleagues from various departments of the public support platform participating in the training also described their understanding of the corporate culture outline based on their own understanding and the actual situation of their daily business. Finally, Mr. Yang said that customers are our roots, so only by getting closer to customers and meeting the needs of customers can we make the roots deeper and deeper. Like-minded strugglers are our trunks that drive the company's growth and development. At the same time, without the efforts of ordinary employees, there is no company's flourishing. Only the fruits of the products produced by the company, the more sweet, the more fragrant, the more satisfying the needs of customers, the more market share, and continue to support the tree to the higher sky. How to make the tree grow in the direction envisioned by the company requires the traction of the company's mission and vision. This is the logic of a whole set of corporate culture.

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