Under the extraordinary epidemic, there is such a group of Kexin people ...

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Under the extraordinary epidemic, there is such a group of Kexin people ...

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There is such a group of people,
They went to the epidemic center before the outbreak,
Fighting day and night,
Consciously isolate after returning home;
During the growing period of the epidemic,
Cooperate with the state to do a good job in prevention and control,
At the same time, practice internal skills in different ways to improve skills;
At the beginning of the improvement of the epidemic,
Reorganized the equipment,
For protection,
Rush to the front line,
Race against time to snatch back lost time.
They are the Kexin Technology 5G BBU pilot test team.
1. Struggle in the siege of viruses
In the late night of January 10, Wuhan, the outdoor temperature was 8 ℃.
In an old computer room on the outskirts of the city, a group of people are busy, staring at the computer to analyze data for a while, climbing to the cabinet to confirm the status of the equipment, and discussing with each other for a while. They are Jianpeng, Shichao, Haiyu and others from the 5G BBU pilot test team. Several people have been working here for 5 consecutive days, hoping to complete the project pilot before the Spring Festival and provide the review report materials to the customers in time. When I was hungry, I took the delivery to the test site, and took a nap where I was sleepy. I didn't drag my tired body back to the hotel until late at night.
At this time, Wuhan was shrouded in an atmosphere of anxiety and fear. There was talk of outside news. Wuhan found an unexplained pneumonia. The symptoms are like SARS. Many people have been infected in the South China Seafood Market. . Before their departure, the friends around them also reminded to be careful in Wuhan, not to be close to the South China Seafood Market, and I was a little scared in my heart. Since there was no official official news at that time, the news from the trail could only be believed as a rumor for the time being. At the same time, in order to allow the project to be completed as soon as possible, the teeth were still coming to Wuhan.
Due to the long running and staying up late, two members of the team developed cold symptoms such as fever, cough, and fatigue. I went to the local hospital for an examination and took medicine. The responsible kind doctor told them to have pneumonia in Wuhan. They must protect themselves and wear masks. They listened to the doctor's advice and put on a mask to continue their struggle. It was not until January 20 that all the work was successfully completed, and the customer finally evacuated from Wuhan after the visit. On the 23rd, Wuhan announced the closure of the city, and the nationwide anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic warfare was launched. After returning home, they were isolated on the spot for having a history of staying in Wuhan. Fortunately, they came out of the epidemic center without being infected, they successfully broke through!
2. Retreat and practice
After the outbreak, the government required all personnel to be quarantined at home. The company's scheduled start of work on February 3 was delayed, and the project pilot plan established years ago was disrupted. Faced with this situation, we did not stop. Under the organization and management of the department team, we comprehensively carried out problem inventory and empowerment work, preparing resources and standardizing process methods for possible explosive pilot needs.
From February 3rd to February 13th, due to the resumption period, every two days through a conference call to check the problems and resource status of the project, through online office to re-integrate the project test equipment and test resources, all work around 5G Pilot projects are launched. After the start of construction on February 13th, we will conduct multi-field training for testing and service engineers through on-site + video. Combining practice allows engineers with field experience to reproduce the product usage, problems encountered in testing, test methods, and steps through pictures and videos to strengthen everyone's understanding of the site.
In the pilot test team, there is a Hubei-born young man who graduated in 2019. He has been trapped in Hubei for 2 months since the outbreak, but he insists on supporting internal and project site work through remote office, and works with us online on time. Participate in meetings and training on time. The internal test and design staff sent a large amount of data to him, and he conducted professional data analysis and CFD simulation at home to form an analysis report and guidance and send it back. Many are urgent needs, also need to stay up late at home to complete overtime.
3. Play cautiously and regain time
Since the outbreak, all pilot projects have been suspended or delayed. After the company resumed work in mid-February, the pilot test team decided not to wait for some projects on key nodes, and must start the relevant pilot and test work in a timely manner to recover the lost time. The team launched a battle for time, organized attackers and assault teams, took the risk of the epidemic and went to the project site day and night, competing for minutes and seconds, repeatedly tested and verified various working conditions, and came up with a set of data that can reflect the value of the product. Each data represents a guarantee of our customers, and also brings back a trust of customers in our products.
At this time of the expedition, they have to face the difficulties caused by the epidemic, the things they have to experience, and the psychological pressure they have to bear ... but they did it! Not only did he protect himself, but he also accomplished the task brilliantly and regained time for the project.
Let's listen to the stories of the soldiers who have just returned from the front line:
Project A --- Wang Jinchang's dictation
On February 18th, we learned from our colleagues in Hunan Office that Project A customers have started construction and equipment installation has been completed, requiring on-site support for testing. Due to the urgent project, after receiving the demand, our test team quickly judged the prevention and control policies of Hunan and Shenzhen, and confirmed the local resumption conditions with our colleagues in Hunan.
Since Shenzhen ’s prevention and control policy at that time, Changsha belonged to the key epidemic area, and personnel returning to Shenzhen must be isolated for 14 days before going to work, and the project location is next to Changsha. Will be asked to be quarantined for 14 days. Moreover, the epidemic situation in Shenzhen was considered a relatively serious area at the time, and people departing from Shenzhen may also be subject to a lot of restrictions.
Based on the research and judgment of the epidemic situation, it was decided to send me, who was still trapped in Shaoyang, Hunan, to Xiangtan to support the project. At that time, Shaoyang had very strict controls, and all transportation vehicles were stopped. Finally, I found a private car that acquaintances took me directly to the project site.
After arriving at the destination on February 19th, it met with the account manager and local after-sales personnel to complete the relevant health declaration. It was only when the project was planned to be carried out that the site originally planned to be tested was located in the factory. Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, outside personnel could not enter.
After negotiating with customers, a new 5G outdoor station built by Kexin and a traditional station were selected for testing and comparison. Due to the requirements of the test cycle, it is often the case that the site is done for a whole day, and the data cannot be completely measured until twelve in the evening. The next day, another test program was started to collect data again under different conditions and repeated verification until a set of data that convinced the customer was obtained. At that time, the prevention and control of Hunan was also very strict, and the problem of eating could only be solved by taking out at the construction site.
On the 23rd, we completed the day test overtime on the weekend, and the customer confirmed that there was no abnormality. I thought that I could go back to the hotel to rest early. On the way back, the customer drove in front and our vehicle followed. When passing by a junction, a traffic accident occurred in the customer's car and the pedestrian was hit. Everyone was shocked, hurriedly got off the bus to check the injury and dialed 120. We and our colleagues at the office followed 120 to send the injured to the hospital for rescue. The customer stayed at the scene to report the insurance and wait for the traffic police to deal with it.
At the time when the epidemic was high, the hospital was a place that everyone could not avoid, but at that time, it was no longer possible to care for so much, saving people was important, so the wounded were placed in the hospital, and various procedures were run upstairs and downstairs. After a busy day, I returned to the hotel late at night.
On the 26th, when we finished all the work and were ready to return to the company. Suddenly I received a notice from the client that the client who had received us had a history of close contact with a suspected case, which required investigation and confirmation. We were asked not to go out at the hotel and wait for the result. Fortunately, our client was finally excluded from the possibility of infection after testing and confirmation.
Project B-Shi Chao Oral
Due to his trip to Wuhan two years ago, he was asked to be quarantined for 21 days after returning to his hometown on January 21. This year, he spent time in this limited space and surrounded by various epidemic news. Isolation was lifted after the year, a little rest adjustment was made, and I returned to the company on February 17 to devote myself to intense work.
Years ago, Project B has not been completed due to the construction progress of customers. After work, we have been concerned about the epidemic situation in Sichuan, and asked the customer manager when he can go to the test every day. Until February 25, I received a notice from the customer manager: The telecommunications customer has resumed work, and the construction of the computer room has been completed. It can be tested in the past. So I went to the Human Resources Department to complete the health declaration information and resume certificate. The "epidemic price" ticket went straight to Chengdu and went out again.
This is the time when the epidemic broke out. There were only a few pedestrians on the streets of Chengdu, and almost all restaurants were closed. The action trajectory after our arrival in Chengdu is also very simple: hotel-machine room-hotel, in order to save time, our lunch and dinner are directly delivered to the work place through the Meituan takeaway, usually at 10 o'clock in the evening to complete After testing, get the test data and go back to the hotel. Because he came out of the machine room so late every day, the uncle who was the doorkeeper was also very impressed with us. "Young man, rest early, don't get too tired!" This is a sentence that Uncle will give us every day when we leave the machine room. In fact, it's okay to think about it. Although busy, it is also full, and I can feel that I am growing rapidly at work. Life will not treat everyone who loves and fights for it.
On March 12th, I received a notification from a colleague from the Sichuan Office that another operator ’s project was also being tested. Customers of the previously tested site project put forward new requirements, hoping that all previously tested solutions will be replaced by a brand of BUU Test the device again. This time the task is tight and the test team arranges me and Zhang Bo and Yin Mu to return to Sichuan for support. If we are in danger, we will be confident.
After arriving in Chengdu, we divided into two groups to test at the same time, one group is responsible for the A site project, and the other group is responsible for the B site project. This time is more urgent, because the front-line staff has arranged for customers to visit our pilot station on-site, we must complete the performance test of the equipment before the customer visit, and come up with a set of beautiful data to conquer Customers, it is still very hard to think about it at that time. Basically, it is only after 11 o'clock in the evening that the work can be closed.
I remember there was a pilot station on a green field next to the city ’s main road. Late at night we can only work with the light of street lamps. The pedestrians passing by will steal us with a curious and terrified eye and walk away quickly. Wondering, then think about it: surely think we are bad guys who steal cable batteries! Hey, fortunately, the hard work pays off. After a few days of overtime work, we finally rushed to complete all the test work before the customer visit and provided a convincing data.
All hard work and effort are worthwhile, and all time is worthy of our choice and dedication.

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