Always struggle and struggle around the needs of customers - remember the second lecture of Kexin Technology

Time:2024-04-17 14:15


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The first phase of the corporate culture lecture hall has just ended satisfactorily, and the international marketing center also held the second lecture hall. Specially invited Wang Jianbing, deputy general manager, to share and transfer the Kexin technology corporate culture. In addition to colleagues in the domestic office, the international marketing center in the United States, India, Vietnam, small partners, also actively participate in the corporate culture through video access.

Mr. Wang said with a smile at the opening: "There are few members of the international marketing center, but they have unique features: the department members have 8 or 9 years old employees, and there are also new employees of the social recruits and interns who have just left the school, but in The reason behind the close cooperation and rhythm of the work is the unified culture."

“Kexin technology has come all the way, experienced many ups and downs, the difficult survival in 2001~2007, the rapid running in 2008~2017, and the company proposed the “Four Five” project in 2018,” recalls Wang. “Kexin technology is undergoing transformation. We are facing more than just competition in the domestic communications industry, but also facing the challenges of the international communications industry. Therefore, we need to establish an efficient and orderly organization.”

Kexin Technology's early corporate culture practice is very good, even if the company has a sales volume of only 20 million, it still attaches great importance to and invests a lot of resources in technology research and development; in the most difficult time, there is no salary and supplier owed to any employees. The purchase price. Through the review of the key behaviors of Kexin technology from the survival to the development process, Mr. Wang summarized the excellent spirit and character of Kexin Technology and vividly explained what is Kexin Technology's corporate culture. He interprets the core values: “Customer is the root, technology is the first; pragmatic and hardworking, honesty and trustworthiness” emphasizes: Kexin technology is in a critical period of transformation, we must always be close to customers, fully understand and meet customer needs, for customers Solving the pain points and creating value for customers is the root of the company's progress and development, and the key to realizing the company's transformation.

"The program is repeatedly tested, foreign countries are not satisfied, every meal eats instant noodles, and every day takes 2~3 hours...", Mr. Wang shared the HPM project case and mentioned that the members of the HPM project team feel deeply, have not experienced this. It is difficult for people in the battle to understand the hardships and pains of our environment at the time. I believe that the people who have experienced it are hard to forget. Finally, through our pragmatic struggle and hard work, Kexin people have won the satisfaction and high recognition of customers. The winning bid for the HPM project is not an accident, but the inevitable result of the collaboration, continuous struggle, never giving up, and hard work of each member of the HPM project team.

Kexin Technology Corporate Culture is the benchmark for each of our Kexin people to examine themselves. We hope that every Kexin person can understand and agree with Kexin Technology's corporate culture from the ideological and operational aspects, and be the practitioner of Kexin Technology's corporate culture. Communicator.

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