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At 9:00 am on April 12, 2019, the LTC project of the Kexin Technology Marketing Transformation (from the clue to the contract) was held in the training room on the 6th floor of Kexin Technology Building. The chairman of the company, Chen Dengzhi, and the vice president of the marketing center, Miao Xinmin, Wu Hongli, deputy general manager of the delivery center, Zhao Yiyi, dean of the institute, Li Fei, project director of Ruijie, and Wang Zhangang and Liu Quanfeng, consultant experts, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The conference was hosted by Hu Haiyang, marketing department.

The conference was divided into five parts: “project plan, team and project system introduction”, “announcement of project team establishment and project manager speech”, “project leadership group speech”, “review of project director of Ruijie Consulting Company” and “conference summary”.

First of all, the conference host Hu Haiyang welcomed the arrival of leaders and project participants. He pointed out that most of the personnel present are the backbone of Kexin's marketing, R&D and delivery systems, and can directly and indirectly contact and communicate with customers, which is the first key window of Kexin. Such a group of people can be put into the project, which is of great significance to the transformation of Kexin.

Wang Zhangang, project manager of Ruijiefang pointed out that Kexin Company is willing to invest a lot of human resources and economic resources to carry out change consulting projects under the current bad market environment, which is a challenge for everyone present. Successfully landing this transformation project will definitely improve the first-line combat capability and improve the company's market competitiveness. This transformation project will certainly accumulate an effective methodology for Kexin's marketing management. Ruijie is willing to work with Kexin to standardize the company's marketing business management, and assist the company to train some talents and identify some reserve cadres with development potential through the project practice process.

During the research process, the consultants found that the number of opportunities in the industry market was increasing during the transition from passive to active, single product to solution. However, there are not many high-quality projects that we can grasp, so we need to strengthen the clues. Excavate, expand the clue of the clue, attach importance to the cultivation of clues, and improve the conversion rate of clues.

The company side project manager of the marketing change project was personally served by Miao Xinmin, the vice president of marketing. Miao Zong solemnly announced the establishment of the change project team. I hope that the members of the project team must correct their attitudes, carefully study the experience and practice, and digest and internalize the methodology given by the consultant coach into our behaviors and habits.

The project company has invested a lot of manpower and economic resources. Members should cherish the opportunity of this ability improvement, overcome difficulties, and prepare for a lot of time and energy, especially in the case of the normal operation of the existing business. To ensure that the market can not be relaxed, and to ensure the investment in the change project, no one should make excuses to push and evade during the process of the change project. No one should influence the normal operation of the LTC project, otherwise he will be invited. Leave this team. The future has come, I hope everyone will grow up as soon as possible in this project, we will work together to create a better tomorrow!

Wu, the delivery center, pointed out that compared with the reform projects that have been experienced in the past, compared with Huawei, Kexin has fewer resources and has certain limitations, but it can be used to fight and change, identify talents through change, and expose problems through the overall project operation. The success of the reform, consultants are important, but more depends on ourselves, I hope that everyone actively participate in the project, think deeply, go all out, and enhance personal ability; marketing, research and development, delivery and continuous optimization, can be incorporated into IT later The group participates in the project; the project operation phase, delivery process and related deliverables are incorporated into the knowledge base to form knowledge assets for effective management.

Researcher Zhao said that the process management of the LTC project emphasizes the process of synergy. Whether it is production projects, marketing projects, or product projects, they are all closely related and need to be supported by complete information analysis. Therefore, it is necessary to implement this mechanism through coordination before and after, to improve the accuracy of information, and to promote the front-end work from the perspective of products. Not only do we have to summarize the methodology in the process, we must also form this kind of synergistic awareness. The LTC project is not only an improvement of our company's organizational capabilities, but also an opportunity for us to exercise and improve our capabilities. Everyone must consciously reflect and summarize from the perspective of organization and individual, form a work habit, and precipitate experience into their own knowledge and ability.

Chen Dengzhi, chairman of the company, summed up the kick-off meeting. He expressed his sincere gratitude to Ruijie and his team for their support of our consulting project, and also stated the fundamental reasons why Kexin chose to launch the LTC project in 2019. Mr. Chen pointed out that since 2014, Kexin has started to sway the banner of “reform, responsibility, and sharing”. By 2015, the marketing system will change, and then the human resources reform in 2017 will only continue to break for Kexin. Old rules, innovation and change, and advance layout will make it possible to survive and prosper in the fierce competition.

And 2019 is the first year of the company's transformation. Marketing LTC reform is the first major company-level project in the first year of transformation. Despite the pressure this year, we still have to keep doing it, as long as there is hope for the future, it can promote We will definitely practice the growth of companies and individuals.

Mr. Chen emphasized that the significance of the LTC project must be experienced in the process of corporate transformation. The phased value and quality must be reflected. The project can only be successful and must not fail.

“With Kexin’s HR transformation project in 2017, after two years of intimacy, we also learned from familiarization. After the project started, we will no longer be divided into Party A and Party B. The goal is to ensure the success of the project. I believe that this project will also submit a satisfactory answer.” Li Fei, the project consultant, made the meeting warm. He mentioned that the importance of R&D from single product to solution is not mentioned. And Yu, but sales is always a carriage pulling Kexin forward.

Usually we call consultants "teachers", and privately think that it is more appropriate to call them "coaches". You are like athletes, and you are sweating hard. After the pain, the results belong to every athlete. Effort is more important than smart, every pain. After the growth, the growth of mentality is Nirvana rebirth. I hope that you will be able to apply the method to the actual work and become a valuable asset of the company.

For the benchmarking pole, learn in battle and build a marketing iron army.

Dedicated to the 5G new opportunities, and create new market success!

So far, the start-up meeting of the LTC project of Kexin Technology Marketing Transformation in 2019 came to a successful conclusion.

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