Kexin Technology Management Conference: Winning the future!

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Kexin Technology Management Conference: Winning the future!

(Summary description)When I opened this article, I believe that many people have already set foot on their way home, and the stars are shining outside.

  • Categories:Company news
  • Author:keixn
  • Origin:kexin
  • Time of issue:2019-01-28 10:37
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When I opened this article, I believe that many people have already set foot on their way home, and the stars are shining outside. At this moment, your eyes are full of home: the figure of the parents who look forward to the child’s return home, and the mother’s When you were a child, you would like to prepare a hearty dinner, and you will be a child’s room when you are busy for a year.

Time flies, the years change, you passed by in 2018, returning to you on the way, looking back at this hurried year, what did you think?

What kind of heartbeat did you have this year?

What year did you cry because of late night?

What did you gain this year?

What have you lost in this year?

On the days of wandering outside, your emotions and sorrows are so real and special, imprinted in the unique birthday of your people. You have been happy and frustrated, but it is not a fight, because we are always there.

I believe that everyone must remember yesterday. On January 27th, Kexin Technology held the 2019 Business Work Conference and the 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference. On this day, all Kexin technical colleagues from all over the country returned to the Shenzhen headquarters to participate in this event. At the event, nearly a thousand Kexin people gathered together, reviewing 2018 and looking forward to 2019.

Let us review the event again with the lens.

The Kexin people entered the hall in an orderly manner, at 14:00, and the meeting began on time.

Through the photos, we can see that the banners hanging on the walls of the conference hall are strikingly printed with the words "I wish to be determined, not succeed, not to be successful for a long time" and "only dare to change can be good at change". It also shows the determination of Kexin's technological change.

Change is not just for development, but for survival. Change is the process of self-denial and self-improvement. It is the process of phoenix nirvana and rebirth. If the organization does not change, it will be rigid and degraded, and it will be eliminated by the times.

The conference officially kicked off in the opening ceremony of the host's high-spirited speech. The first content of the meeting was the executive management report. First of all, the company's investment director Fu Bin always reports on the work content for everyone.

Fu graduated from Tsinghua University with 10 years of product development experience and 10 years of department management experience. At the meeting, he proposed two goals:

1. Realize business objectives and corporate transformation through investment to help Kexin

2. Realize capital appreciation through industrial investment

Next, Zhao Yiyi, Dean of Kexin Technology Research Institute, gave a report on his work. After graduating from post, Zhao has been working in China Mobile for 15 years. He has been in the communications industry for 15 years. In 2018, he came to Kexin to serve as the dean of the newly established Kexin Technology Research Institute.

Mr. Zhao proposed that the arrival of 5G has formed a high consensus in the whole society, and Kexin also needs to focus on 5G, IDC and Internet of Things technologies to form its own core product solutions under the general trend of the industry. The Kexin Technology Research Institute shoulders this arduous mission, and it is the future of the company's rapid development. Everyone must work together to see the trend, unify the direction, actively transform, and advance the layout to achieve a new leap in product capabilities.

Finally, the chairman and general manager of the company, Chen Dengzhi, made a concluding speech for all Kexin people. Mr. Chen summed up the "Kexin Technology Milestones" in 2018, including the establishment of the institute, the finalization of the corporate culture program, and the commissioning of Kexin Technology Building.

At the same time, the company's core product solutions and related product development strategies are explained in detail. At the meeting, he focused on the company's latest corporate culture program for all Kexin employees:

Finally, Mr. Chen looked forward to 2019, and he said:

2019 is the first year of the company's transformation, and it is the most crucial year for the company's growth. Kexin Technology will continue to follow the goal of the "Four Five" project and resist the cold winter. It will be a rare opportunity for Kexin to develop.

After the summary of the work of the executives, the welcoming work of outstanding employees and the signing of the responsibility of 2019.

The most powerful honor recognition

The harvest comes from persistent efforts, and the results come from the accumulation of sweat.

In the introduction of the host Gao Xiaoliang, they accepted the glory and bloom of this moment. Every award-winning colleague, working hard, not arrogant, proud, forward, deserved!

The most lucrative lottery scene

The lottery session is undoubtedly the most anticipated part of all employees. In the lottery session, the sound waves caused by all the staff are enough to “turn over the roof”! Let us experience the exciting atmosphere of the lucky draw.

2018, we are brave

2019, we work together to create greater glories

Because we firmly believe that:

Thick and thin hair, will win the future!

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 2019 Business Work Conference and the 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Kexin Technology!


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