Consolidate Lean Achievements and Promote Lean Change | Kexin Lean Production Transformation Project Phase II Summary Meeting

Time:2024-04-17 14:15


Author: keixn

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On the morning of January 18, 2019, the second phase of the Lean Production Transformation Project was held in the company's conference room 1103. The company's general manager Wu and the core members of the executive team attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Song Qixing, manager of the process engineering department.

Manager Song first reviewed the improvement results of the second phase of Lean Reform, mainly in the following six points:

1 In the second phase, we collected a total of 385 problem points using brainstorming, and the final completion rate was 97%. After nearly half a year of hard work, we basically completed the task;

2 We realized the landing of the Longgang factory area, and realized the full visualization of the Longgang factory area, and the warehouse management has also been greatly improved;

3 The design of the operation mode (including single-piece flow, line-side supermarket, work island, lean line, etc.) layout has been basically completed, and continuous optimization;

4 The audit of the results of the first phase of Lean Reform, the achievement rate is about 90%, and the basic realization of the problem points;

5 Improve the construction of the OA process and knowledge base, and continue to carry out;

6 There are already 24 teams involved in the QCC project and report improvement results on a quarterly basis.

Although some achievements have been made at this stage, the shortcomings and follow-up work have also been proposed:

First, in the improvement of the second phase, the work on efficiency improvement is still lacking. The work done in the past is some basic work. We must strengthen the improvement of efficiency and cost, and improve the competitiveness of our products. We must go smoothly. The company's development direction, pay attention to the quality of active products, improve the efficiency of passive products;

Second, although it will not be carried out in the form of lean change projects in the future, we will adopt other forms such as QCC and 7S to promote continuous improvement and implementation of lean changes.

In addition, Mr. Yuanke Zhou also put forward several suggestions for the results of this project: in this whole process, we must also pay attention to the overall cohesiveness of the team, not only to improve the results, but also to provide appropriate incentives, we must appropriate Organizing some activities so that employees can actively participate in the project activities. In addition, he also suggested that we should sort out the pain points of Kexin. We must dare to challenge some big problems across departments, and we can adopt the value stream method and Other means to improve difficult problems and truly create measurable value.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wu pointed out that the second phase of the lean transformation project has achieved certain improvement results, including the source department. It can be seen from the workshop site that there has been a great improvement, but the lean transformation project should be deepened and extended. In other departments, we have realized the transformation of informatization in 18 years and implemented the construction of information system. We need to continuously and continuously improve, optimize and improve the systems that have been built according to the specific business. Pull the entire system process to maximize the effectiveness of the system.

Lean change project is a continuous process. We must conform to the national plan for manufacturing 2025. Mr. Wu also proposed Kexin's plan for the next three years. The goal is to make Kexin an intelligent demonstration factory in 2020. Far, I believe that as long as we dare to face challenges, do not shrink in the face of problems, are willing to give wisdom, work together, in a mindset of initiative and courage to change and innovation, Kexin supply chain delivery system will be able to move toward excellence, will supply Chain delivery capabilities are one of the company's core competencies.

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