In the past, all are prologues | Kexin HPM project team commendation meeting

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On January 9, 2019, the Kexin Technology HPM Project Commendation Conference was held in Room 1105 of Kexin Technology Building. Chen Dengzhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Wang Jianbing, Deputy General Manager of International Marketing Department, Zhao Yiyi, Dean of Kexin Technology Research Institute, and Wang Shaowei, Director of General Manager Office, attended the meeting and presented awards to all members of the HPM project team. The commendation meeting was presided over by Wang Shaowei, Director of the General Manager.

At the meeting, HPM project manager Liang Chun reviewed the results of the previous phase of the project. He expressed his feelings: In order to achieve the goal, the members of the project team were very moved by the spirit of all the members. The test, design, data debugging, etc. all had difficulties that we had never encountered before. Sometimes, in order to debug certain data, work overtime. Staying up late is the norm, and then tired and tired again, everyone has not given up, there is only one thought in our mind: we must achieve the goal. Behind the suffering is greatness, and insisting on success. After learning about the exclusive bid for HPM in June 2018, all the project team members cried at that moment, for their own efforts, for their own efforts, for their own failure to achieve the goal of not giving up. The effort of sweat and tears at that moment is worth it. We firmly believe that as long as we persist and only persist, we will succeed and achieve our goals!

Subsequently, the leaders of the meeting presented the honorable certificates and bonuses of the “Excellent Individual Award” to the project team members Gao Junjun, Zhou Benhai, He Guangguo, Liang Chun, Li Cao, Zhao Yongfu, Peng Naiji, Cui Zhi, Wang Benhai, Yang Wei, Feng Xiaojian and Li Binbin. . The project team members also reported on their own growth and gains in the project, thanking Kexin for giving their platform and opportunities, and said that they will cherish the honor and continue to forge ahead.

After the award, Wang Jianbing, deputy general manager of international marketing, Zhao Yiyi, dean of the institute, and Chen Dengzhi, chairman of the company, commented on the project development process, current progress, follow-up direction, etc., and commended and encouraged the project team members to encourage Everyone continues to work harder and strive to achieve the project goals.

First of all, Wang Jianbing, deputy general manager of international marketing, commented on the current progress of the entire HPM project. He believes that the entire project team has made great progress in a short period of six months. From the June 2018 project to the present, everyone is ordering for the project. I continued to struggle and saw the spirit of everyone's struggle. Mr. Wang stressed that the HPM project is of great significance to the company's going overseas. It is also true that Kexin has taken it from beginning to end. In the whole process, it gives project team members the opportunity to learn something that is usually not touched at all. content.

Mr. Wang pointed out that the project also had shortcomings. Although we learned a lot of new knowledge, we did not cultivate a new talent team. He pointed out that with the gradual deepening of the project, the HPM project team is likely to evolve into multiple project teams, but if there are not enough staff, it will not be able to effectively and quickly connect customers. How to expand and train the staff of the project team is an urgent problem we need to solve. At the same time, we have to build a knowledge database to retain the bits and pieces of information, examples, etc. in the process of expanding the project, and become a valuable asset of the company, which will precipitate the past knowledge and management and give it to the company. The system draws on and continues to share with the company's personnel, thus opening up the company and creating greater value.

Then, the president of the institute, Zhao Yiyi, also delivered a speech. He said that he is very happy to see that everyone has grown up in the course of the project, and at the same time, he has gained more things. This time, he can see many members of the project team. In summing up the process of growing up, the way this project works will allow more people to gain more opportunities to grow in the future. Whether in the HPM project team or in other project teams, we must work hard to achieve value for individuals and companies.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the company, Chen Dengzhi, made a concluding speech. Mr. Chen said that we have stood out among the 14 suppliers worldwide and become the only supplier of A customers in the HPM project. We are well aware that the HPM project's demanding quality requirements are far greater than the HGM project. The challenges faced by the project team are enormous. It is only a test session. It is carried out simultaneously in China, Sweden and other countries. The support of colleagues in the three countries is a 24-hour cycle. The manpower and material resources it consumes are unimaginable. But we have overcome difficulties and achieved our goals. Our business has gone from China to the world, from developing countries to Europe and the United States and other developed countries. This is the result of the struggle of all our project team members, and Kexin will certainly let the strugglers reflect their value.

Mr. Chen pointed out that what we provide in the HPM project is not a simple product or a certain technology, but a comprehensive solution. As a Chinese communications company, Kexin will be able to provide services for the construction of 5G networks for the world's two largest economies in the future. It is the pride of every colleague who struggles for this life. When you recall the sweat that was shed yesterday, It is a joy that comes to life, and the company is proud of everyone!

Finally, Mr. Chen pointed out that at the same time, we hope that we can cultivate more talents for the company in this process, leaving valuable knowledge and setting a benchmark for later people. Today's recognition is only the beginning. In the future, through the hard work of everyone, we can truly accomplish the project goals and create greater value for customers, companies and individuals.

In the past, all are prologues, we look forward to the same time!

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