Happy Huidongxing

Time:2024-04-17 14:16



Source: kexin

I have been looking forward to going to Xunliao Bay in Huizhou, and finally made my wish come true in June 2014. When we gathered at the door of the company, it rained heavily in Shenzhen, which seemed to hinder our travel, but succumbed to our perseverance and it cleared again when we set off.

Excited to travel, we rushed to gather without having to eat breakfast. Please pay attention to our skin color before departure! !

In front of the Mazu Gate of Tianhou Palace, we are so embarrassed! Where are you, the friend who raised his hands behind, please come out and show your face! The tour guide reminded that you can't step on the threshold when entering and leaving when worshipping Mazu, otherwise it will be unlucky. Believe it or not, I believe it anyway! Hold your hand, grow old with you! There are many husband and wife photos, but there are none? !

While enduring the bite of insects and mosquitoes, he insisted on his own "one-acre three-quarter land."

A drifting brought everyone back to the age of innocence, playing with each other and splashing water with each other!

How about a quiet and nervous upgrade in your free time?

Happy times always pass quickly. After the rafting, we should say goodbye to the beautiful scenic spots and return to Shenzhen. Every trip is a precious memory, many years later, it is still so beautiful in retrospect!

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