Kexin Communication Management Team Discovery Tour in Taiwan

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Kexin Communication Management Team Discovery Tour in Taiwan

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On June 14, 2014, the company organized outdoor outreach training in South Australia. In my opinion, this is not an ordinary outing or entertainment, but a lively, educational and commemorative experiential training. Although I participated in similar outdoor quality development before this, I still look forward to this expansion training, because every expansion training brings me not only a kind of physical training, but also a kind of physical and mental training. Honed.



After arriving at the training site to change into camouflage uniforms, there was a feeling of returning to the university military training that year. After some self-introduction by the coach, we started the first simple game-reporting the number. When I just listened to the rules of the game, I thought everyone had a small question mark in their minds. A simple game like counting is good for elementary school students. Will it bother us as a group of adults? But the facts have proved that the simpler things are, the greater the chance of mistakes. After experiencing 2 mistakes in the girls group and N times in the boys group (to the end, there are more than 100 push-ups left behind the coach), everyone's heart There was an exclamation mark on the face! Why do so many mistakes occur in a simple game? The coach’s summary language gave me a lot of inspiration: the coach did not specify how much time the report should be completed. Everyone has a different rhythm. If the pace is slow, there is no need to follow the fast pace. You can be careful when you come to you. Think about the number you want to report to avoid mistakes. I also have a little feeling of my own, why can't we be prepared for the rainy day? When you hear the number reported in front of you, we should know the number we want to report in our hearts. When I report the number, we will report the number reported in our heart. Will this avoid mistakes? In fact, in our work, there will be many things. Acting before you are ready, the rate of subsequent errors is getting higher and higher. Fighting a prepared war is far more effective than catching the ducks on the shelves.



Team game: A total of 3 games (8 people toss the water bottle, one lap to the bottom, coordinated palm and shoulder clapping), the entire team is divided into 4 groups, each group has a captain and a military division. The entire team game takes less than 60 seconds. Finished within. When the coach finished talking about the punishment measures (the team with the worst score will be disbanded), I think everyone’s heart was severely slapped. No one wanted their team to be disbanded. Watch your own captain tear up the team flag of your own group with your own eyes. After more than ten minutes of discussion and experimentation, the formal competition of the group began. The best group scored one minute and one second, and none of the four groups completed the entire project within the specified time. The following is the coach’s concluding remarks:

1. Throwing and receiving the water bottle: We can communicate with the colleague who wants to pick up your water bottle in advance. Which position is best for him to pick up the water bottle? You must throw the water bottle in your hand according to his habits, not in your own way. Avoid the chance of the water bottle falling.

2. A lap to the end: When a person starts to drill, the other two people next to him can help him without leaving their hands, which can save a lot of time.

3. Clapping the palms and shoulders together: When clapping and patting the shoulders of the left and right colleagues next to you, be fast, and remember every word you want to say. If you make a mistake, you have to repeat it, and all the previous efforts will be forfeited. flow.

This team game well interprets the importance of communication and methods. In my daily work, many things are often caused by my own communication problems and my own inertial working methods that lead to various problems in my work.

High-altitude grab bar-erect an 8 meter high iron rod on the open ground, ask us to climb on the iron rod, stand on a disc about 20 cm in diameter at the top of the iron rod, then jump up in the air and grab the front 1.5 meters away Horizontal bar.

Although the body is covered with safety protection measures, everyone has more or less sense of fear when jumping at high altitude. Standing on the pole to the top of the disc is a great test, jumping from the disc to grab the bar It is a psychological challenge. Some colleagues went from flushed to pale, some were afraid to stand, and some did not dare to jump up after standing for a long time.

When other colleagues stand on the high pole, I believe that the colleagues who are looking at the bottom will have the same ideas as me, and they think it is simple and easy. But when I was in the right place, I realized that my heart was beating so wildly and my legs were shaking unwillingly. In this project, I deeply unde

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From the cheering and cheering assembly on the banks of Shenzhen Bay on September 29 to the reluctant return of Taoyuan Airport on October 6, the eight-day trip to Treasure Island, the Kexin Communications team began with the shock of discovery and returned to the clarity of emptying. Along the way, enjoy the pure and beautiful scenery, feel the warm and simple folk customs, and enjoy the childlike joy of laughter and laughter. He has traveled throughout most of Taiwan. Accompanied by the insights and discussions on the outstanding Taiwanese enterprises, they are in a hurry and Substantial.

If this journey is divided, then the observation and exchange at the headquarters of Taiwan’s outstanding famous company Dingjie Software and GIGABYTE Technology on September 30 is more like a journey of spiritual discovery, which brings us a lot of shock and inspiration. Long aftertaste and thinking.

On September 30, 2014, under the leadership of Mr. Chen Dengzhi, General Manager of Kexin Communication, the management team of Kexin Communication visited well-known Taiwanese companies-Dingjie Software and Gigabyte Technology. The visit of Kexin Communication received warm and thoughtful reception from Dingjie Software's Chief Strategy Officer Lin Longrun, Vice President Chen Liujie, and Gigabyte Technology Strategy Information Officer Bai Guanghua. With the careful arrangement of Dingjie Software, mutual learning and exchanges were made easy. Delightful.

Taiwan Dingjie Software Headquarters [first row from left to right: Chief Strategy Officer Lin Longrun of Dingjie Software, General Manager Chen Dengzhi of Dingjie Software, Deputy General Manager Chen Liujie of Dingjie Software, third row from right: Deputy General Manager Zhang Fengfeng of Dingjie Software]

Taiwan GIGABYTE Technology Headquarters: Greening and Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Project Base on the Top of the Headquarters Building [First row: Vice President Zhang Fengfeng of Kexin Communications (fifth from right), Chief Information Officer Bai Guanghua of GIGABYTE Technology (sixth from right), President Chen Dengzhi of Kexin Communications Manager (seventh from right), Vice President Chen Liujie of Dingjie Software (eighth from right)]

Dingjie Software Headquarters: Multifunctional lecture hall, Vice President Chen Liujie gives a welcome speech...

When meeting old friends, there is always something to say... [General Manager Chen Dengzhi of Kexin Communication and Chief Strategy Officer Lin Longrun of Dingjie Software are in conversation. The two are old friends for many years]

Dingjie Software Headquarters: Learning and communication platform, Chen Dengzhi, general manager of Kexin Communication, gave a speech and put forward hope for the study and exchange of Kexin management team...

Dingjie Software Headquarters: Lin Longrun, Chief Strategy Officer of Dingjie Software, shares excellent corporate strategic planning and business management experience with you. Kexin Communication partners study, experience, and comprehend carefully...

GIGABYTE Technology Headquarters: White Guanghua Strategic Information Officer of GIGABYTE Technology shares with you the experience of lean management...

GIGABYTE Technology Headquarters: Kexin Communication Partners listened carefully and devotedly...

GIGABYTE Technology Headquarters: Take notes on key knowledge...

Chen Dengzhi, general manager of Kexin Communications, presented souvenirs to representatives of Dingjie Software and Gigabyte Technology on behalf of Kexin Communications...

Visit the humanized environment construction in the staff rest area of ​​Dingjie headquarters...

Dingjie Software: The spare time environment of Dingjie employees experienced by the partners of Kexin Communication...

Dingjie Headquarters: A group photo at the corner of the staff garden on the roof of Dingjie Headquarters Building...

GIGABYTE Technology Headquarters: Visit the energy-saving and emission reduction greening project on the roof of the GIGABYTE Technology Headquarters Building. It can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also create a private garden environment for employees, allowing employees to work and leisure to complement each other, relaxing and happy...

From October 1st to October 6th, the discovery tour of Treasure Island, let us record all this beautiful...

This is a journey of discovery, it is also a journey of empty space, enjoy the sights, and enjoy unlimited pleasure. The most beautiful life is on the road, let us be full of piety and hope, and experience Kexin’s road to ascend together, with infinite scenery in the distance!


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