Go forward courageously, forge ahead

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In 2015, which is about to pass, all employees in the assembly workshop have completed the arduous tasks one after another through continuous hard work. To meet the more enterprising challenges in 2016, we have selected Shenzhen’s exclusive sunny beach and an invincible coastline. The meaning of seaside tourism in front of the net is in Kexin: Go forward courageously and proceed with determination.

"Oh! I will organize a trip on the weekend!", the news spread in the workshop. Colleagues who have worked hard for a year can finally go out together to relax and invigorate the nature.

On December 19, the sky was beautiful, and the warm sun in winter brought the temperature back up like spring, sweeping away the depressed mood caused by the low temperature and haze rain. The beautiful ladies all put on fashionable and gorgeous clothes and waited at the company gate early. Gathered at 8:20, the final assembly put out a POSE photo with a family portrait, and then went straight to South Australia in 4 cars.

Everyone laughed and laughed along the way, looking at the factories, buildings, and viaducts along the road, and looking forward to reaching the destination quickly. For those of us who grew up in the inland and rarely saw the sea once, the sea is not only big, not just blue. It is passion, it is romance, and it also carries many, many beautiful dreams of us. After touching for more than 2 hours, the car turned from the highway into the mountain road, and drove slowly on the rugged steak for half an hour. The sea suddenly came into view, and the car stopped steadily. The big guy couldn’t wait to get out of the car and ran towards the sea. . The flag bearer holding the Kexin flag was the first to board a reef standing on the seashore. The colleagues also flocked to the reef excitedly. The boys swiftly climbed up the reef and looked at the sea, the freighter and the sea on the sea level. The towering gas tank, the speedboat rushing to the island, everything looks so small in the sea, it is inclusive of all rivers, and tolerance is great! What's the other side of the sea? Is it Hong Kong?

  Just as I was thinking, the tour guide A Tao's shout interrupted me, "Take a group photo for nostalgia, and then the team leaders hurried to pick up the ingredients for the picnic." Ha ha! "As soon as the tour guide said, I felt hungry, people are iron, rice is steel, and I am hungry if I don’t eat. Hurry up to take pictures and show off my cooking skills. Each group leader picks up good ingredients and chooses a good picnic location. The team members began to divide the work and work together to cook in the pot.

I saw the fire here, the vegetable washing, the knives skillfully chopped up chicken, duck and fish; the volunteer "chef" over there was playing with various seasonings, thinking about how to use the existing ingredients. Make the most authentic hometown dishes. The pine sticks firewood "cracked" in the stove, and the cheerful flames rushed up. Set up the pot, heat the oil, and the green onion, ginger, garlic and chili will explode in the pot, hey! That fragrant, put in the chopped chicken nuggets, stir fry, put the seasonings, and add beer. Chen Hong, the Hunan chef of this group, proficiently attracted the sister paper who was on the sidelines to boast: "Who wants to marry you, sure Very happy!" Chen Hong said embarrassedly with a smirk. With the chef here, I went to some other teams to go around. The other teams were from Sichuan and Guizhou. They made braised fish and yellow chicken. I was greedy and drooled.

 At this time, the team leader was also tasting the lively atmosphere of the dishes between each group, and each group laughed from time to time; haha!

Director Chen was also busy cutting and washing the dishes of his group, showing his good man qualities; dispatcher Huo Chunhui and clerk Zeng Yuhua were carrying drinks to the groups. After 40 minutes, with the last seaweed egg drop soup in the group, the pot is ready, and you can start the meal!

The various groups sat together, filled with drinks, toasted together, and blessed each other. Manager Long and Director Chen stood by the table and personally poured us wine and toasts, and asked us to eat and drink and have fun, and taste our fried dishes. The atmosphere is warm. Thick.

The air in the seaside farm is fresh and the scenery is pleasant. The afternoon is the time for free activities. Cycling in the garden should be everyone's first choice. The farm is equipped with tandem bicycles. Riding on bicycles, you can embrace romance with loved ones by the sea and in the countryside, and look back at your childhood together. The masters of billiards and table tennis can't wait to show off their skills, and practicing on the beach is another flavor. Play karaoke by the seaside, the first golden song. Meet friends by singing, show off the style of the king of karaoke, the beauties and wheat tyrants in the final assembly also occupied the brother K’s house on the beach; the reef-lined woods in the farm are everywhere. It is a gift from the sea: sea crabs, sea prawns, sea fish, sea shells, everyone enjoys walking on the beach, having fun, picking shells, childlike invincibility, and also looking at the rocks on the beach to catch crabs, how comfortable and leisurely...


Unknowingly, the time came to 16:00, and we were about to return. With good memories, everyone stood on the stone table of the seaside viewing platform, waving the flag of Kexin, and everyone gathered together under the call of the flag. , Took today’s third family portrait in front of Invincible Seaview. Looking forward to the next trip, we boarded the return car. Continue to work hard tomorrow to cheer for Kexin and your own tomorrow!

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