Kexin Technology 2018 Annual Qualification Work Startup and Empowerment Training

Time:2024-04-17 14:15


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On December 13, 2018, Kexin Technology's 2018 Qualification Work Startup and Empowerment Training was launched in the company's comprehensive training room. The meeting was chaired by the Director General of the General Manager, focusing on the company's post sequence leader and cadres. And publicity, the meeting on the job sequence management, competency model, qualification standards development, evaluation criteria, qualification qualification and certification process is equal to a series of core management policies to reach a consensus, and requires the sequence leader to be qualified The management policy is correctly transmitted to all departments and employees, and a standard and language evaluation system for staff ability evaluation is formed.

Director Wang has fully explained the construction of the human resource management system from the human resources management logic, management framework, management policy to the overall interpretation of the results application. The detailed implementation of the operational methods and the responsible person targets for the responsibility matrix, job sequence management, qualification management, and result application.

First of all, the human resource management logic is based on the principle of “value creation, value evaluation and value distribution” to build a human resource management system, practice the company's core values, and achieve the company's strategic goals;

On this basis, the formation of a talent retention mechanism that supports the company's strategy and business development.

Based on the responsibility-based results of value creation, identify outstanding people, make outstanding people better, and let those who truly contribute more rewards.

Then, it fully empowered the management policies under the framework of Kexin's technical human resources, emphasizing that the company will adhere to the human resources management strategy and results of “graduating with posts, leveling with salary, matching with people and posts, and easy for employees”. Application policy.



Then it analyzes the management of post sequence from the perspective of post, and points out that post is the smallest business unit of the organization. Its existence characteristics and definitions are all based on the needs of organizational development. Posts must have unique value and irreplaceability. The value of the position requires the competence of the employee to create. Therefore, the position has clear requirements for the employee's ability to serve, that is, the qualification standard, and the qualification standard must be developed based on the job responsibilities.

He emphasized that qualification is the qualification and ability that employees must possess in a certain position or position. Qualification certification is a measure of the ability of employees to compete for positions. It emphasizes what employees can do, not just "know what ", is the result of behavior, through performance evaluation to verify the matching of competency and job requirements.



Followed by the standard elaboration of employees at all levels of the company, and an example of the first-level employees refers to the completion of work under the guidance of others, the second-level employees refer to the ability to operate simple projects independently, and the third-level employees refer to the ability to operate complex projects independently. The qualifications were interpreted from the three dimensions of basic conditions, reference conditions and eligibility criteria. It was pointed out that the business activities and basic qualities in the qualifications were the key criteria.

It should be emphasized that after the qualifications are passed, it is not possible to immediately promote the application of “Yi Gang Yi Xin” to the new position. It requires two performance cycles to test the ability of the staff to match the new job responsibilities and the “personal post matching”. “Easy and easy to pay”, when the performance tester and job performance requirements do not match, you can not implement “Easy Trade New”. Therefore, Director Wang specifically pointed out that some employees believe that the implementation of salary adjustment after the qualifications of the job is a misunderstanding of company policy.

Finally, Director Wang summed up the post and qualification training for the post. It points out the importance of the qualifications of each job. It is hoped that the department managers will organize the departments to prepare for the qualification certification. The qualifications for the qualifications will be established after the jury, including the deputy general manager and the evaluation experts.




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