IT informatization project online mobilization meeting was successfully held

Time:2024-04-17 14:16


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At 9:00 on September 28, 2018, Kexin Technology held an online mobilization meeting for IT informatization projects at the company headquarters.

Since the launch of the ERP system on March 26, Kexin Technology has launched PDM and MES systems successively, as a key year for the three-year informationization plan, to ensure the smooth switching between new and old systems, for our ERP, PDM, MES, SRM The four major projects were officially launched on October 1st, and the preparations for “attacking the mountain” were completed. Kexin Technology gathered the strength of the whole division, coordinated deployment and linkage, ensuring that the systems were homogeneous, equal, and at the same time. On the 8th of the month, business processing is started.

Review of project objectives and scope:

ERP system: After launching the line, it will realize the integration of R&D, marketing, supply and financial information, and will open up barriers between departments and departments, between systems and systems, and optimize the reorganization of business, processes and forms to provide joint upstream and downstream systems. Business decision support support.

PDM system: focus on business process and business rules, attach importance to multiple rounds of intensive training and testing, ensure the quality of historical data, and finally PDM is successfully launched.

MES/SRM system: covering production planning, production management, process control, quality control, equipment management, warehouse management, etc. After successful launch, it will improve the refined management of the production process, build reliable quality, controllable process, and results. Tracing the quality management system, realizing the form, visualization and informationization of production information, cooperating with other systems and operating efficiently, and practicing management innovation.

Representatives of various project representatives and consulting companies also made a statement. The four projects were carried out at the same time, and the challenges for everyone were very large. Huangsha has been wearing gold armor, and it is not necessary to break the Loulan. What we have to do is to hold back the pressure and make unremitting efforts to ensure that all four projects can be successfully launched!

Followed by the project director Wu Zong, he said with emotion that the four projects are on the line at the same time, which can be counted as a feat in the industry. Mr. Wu also expressed his ardent expectations for the project. He believes that under the excellent and efficient team efforts, he will be able to achieve good results. After the project's experience, the personal ability of the project team members can be greatly improved.

The chairman of the company made a concluding speech:

The news that the four projects are about to go online is very exciting. I can't help but think of the first ERP technology launched on the company's technology ten years ago. At that time, the company was still very small. The ERP went online and took a lot of time and energy from the company. None of us would have thought that four such important projects would go online at the same time in the company after ten years, because this would be very difficult and complicated.

These four projects are the largest investment in Kexin technology in addition to the Ericsson project in recent years, and also play a vital role in the future development of the company. From the company's preparation for the IPO, to the Ericsson project, to the human resources transformation, and then to today's IT project transformation, Kexin technology is constantly improving its competitiveness for the future, because we all know that 5G is coming, we must not let After this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we must make a 5G layout in advance.

Digitalization and intelligence are indispensable for the development of intelligent manufacturing. It is also the general direction of “Made in China 2025”. Every project made by the company has its long-term significance. The same is true for IT information projects. The road to success is not It will be accompanied by setbacks and challenges, but it is for this reason that I can find that the company still has a group of teams that dare to struggle and struggle.

Because I always believe that any successful project is spelled out, the company will continue to select outstanding talents from successful projects, I hope that everyone can continue to forge ahead, believe the strength of the team, step by step to the goal, achieve personal Value, accomplish organizational goals!

At this point, the Kexin technical project online mobilization meeting ended successfully!

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