Kexin Technology's fully enclosed mid-year business work conference ended successfully

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On August 17-19, 2018, the Kexin Technology Management Team held a three-day fully enclosed mid-year business work conference at the Boluo New Year Hotel.

The meeting conducted in-depth research and discussion on the basic business situation of the company in the first half of 2018 and the feedback from the “year-end cadre debriefing”. At the same time, the key work and key projects in the second half of 2018 were sorted out and related. A consensus was reached on issues and goals. At the retreat on the third day, the leaders had a full discussion on the company's long-term goals and pointed out the direction for the future development of Kexin.

Before the meeting, Chairman Chen Dengzhi made a presiding speech and made corresponding arrangements and specific explanations on the three-day meeting. Mr. Chen stressed: According to the company's operation in the first half of the year, and the problems reflected in the mid-year cadres' debriefing. The timing of our management team to organize this mid-year business work meeting is appropriate and necessary.

Mr. Chen pointed out that the company's management team must consider the problem from the perspective of the overall situation, because no one has to think about us instead, because no one has replaced us to solve the problems we are currently experiencing. For example, some of our cadres can't understand the organizational goals in depth, and they don't know how to undertake organizational goals. Many cadres did not clearly explain the logic and path of achieving organizational goals when they were in the position of debriefing, and did not make clear the decomposition of the organization's goals. This is the responsibility of our management team.

Therefore, the purpose of our three-day closed-end meeting is to sort out the problems existing in the previous period, to set priorities for the key tasks and projects in the second half of the year, to deploy in advance, to plan effectively, and to make reasonable arrangements.

The meeting firstly carried out the basic situation of the mid-year job description, and sorted out the problems reported by the cadres. After thorough discussion, they agreed that we have shortcomings in the following aspects. The vice presidents of each system need special attention in the future. After careful refinement, we will do a good job in orderly implementation.

How to promote new products?

At present, the whole new product has problems in planning, market, quality, cost, delivery, etc., and has not achieved reasonable layout, and has not formed a landing methodology belonging to our science and technology. In the first half of the year, the sales of new products (including the second and third level collections) were seriously unsatisfactory and did not achieve the targets set at the beginning of the year. The ability of the marketing system (especially the provincial office) to achieve a serious retrogression is the root cause of our failure to complete the new product sales target. In view of this, the vice presidents of each system have fully discussed and researched how to promote new products, and have determined the coordination from the aspects of “new product planning, product release, market layout expansion, and how to ensure delivery”. Advance landing methodology.

The marketing system's combat effectiveness and wolf's improvement.

Any organization with combat effectiveness is an arduous and wolf-like organization because they have firm goals and beliefs because they have the will and determination to not give up. At present, the loss of our second- and third-level collection and collection markets, the weakening of provincial business capabilities, the lack of staff empowerment, and the lack of collaboration between the group and the provincial level are all due to the fact that we have not managed effectively and have not been able to pull in time. Did not do the right and left interlocks. In the second half of the year, we will focus on strengthening the assessment of the second- and third-level collection capacity, clarifying the positioning of the provincial role, and enhancing the team's combat capability. We insist on using the qualification standards to lead our cadres, employees to continuously strive and improve their capabilities, and use performance. Management identifies the value creation of employees and allows those who actually contribute to get more rewards. At the same time, we will identify those cadres who do not take responsibility, do not struggle, and cover the door. We insist on customer-centered value evaluation and we adhere to the last elimination mechanism. We always believe that a sheep will never bring a group of wolves, and a wolf-like individual will definitely leave a group of sheep.

How to solve the product development of international marketing A project, and the product quality assurance of A project and B project?

Other companies that were short-listed in Project A, RH and AMS developed and exported a number of products, especially AMS. One product has been derived from several products, and we have only those products until now. In terms of sales revenue, we are also a lot behind, and we should all reflect on it. In the next step, we must effectively break through in key areas and arrange specific responsible persons to be responsible for the implementation process and results. Mr. Chen stressed that at present, our A and B projects have established project teams to ensure that our products can achieve organizational goals efficiently under the unified coordination of project teams, especially in specific regions, and we must resolutely protect our products. High quality to meet customer needs. Mr. Chen pointed out that there must be no low-level mistakes in the strategic market. Otherwise, the project team must be responsible for the results.

The construction of the enrollment team for the enrollment of students in 2015-2018 and the school recruitment plan for 2019.

In order to meet the company's business development, the company began to recruit students from 2015. The purpose is to build our own talent team and cultivate talents that meet the values ??of Kexin culture. However, our current training system is still not perfect. Especially after the international strategic layout, the limitations of our school's enrollment and training system are becoming more and more obvious. We know that school enrollment is the future of the company and the hope of the organization. We must Plan ahead and strengthen training. The human resources department should fully communicate with the vice presidents of various systems to determine the direction of talent reserve, targeted recruitment, reserve and training of relevant positions.

How to improve the competitiveness of key products?

In all current bidding, our products are not competitive at all, and we have not formed our own ideas and methodology at all. They have not considered all the market conditions at all. We should think about the reasons for this. How do we define key products, how to make decisions, and how to improve our competitiveness? This is a problem that every system should consider. In the subsequent cost reduction meeting, at least one vice president must participate, and the corresponding department must prepare the data in advance to provide a basis for decision-making and ensure that our products are competitive.

The meeting also discussed other important projects and reached a consensus landing methodology, such as S project, P project, corporate culture construction. Mr. Chen pointed out that these projects are our current and future focus. We must plan in advance, we must find a methodology that is consistent with our letter, and we must find a way to survive for ourselves.

After the meeting, everyone combined the key tasks of the second half of the year, based on objective facts, clarified the path and goals of implementation, and will go all out to complete the organizational goals.

So far, the three-day Kexin technology fully enclosed mid-year business work conference has been successfully concluded.

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