Dreaming of voyages, fearless ahead | Kexin Technology 2018 School recruits new employees symposium successfully concluded

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Dreaming of voyages, fearless ahead | Kexin Technology 2018 School recruits new employees symposium successfully concluded

(Summary description)On August 1st, 2018, the enrollment of the school was just one month. In order to understand the dynamics of the new recruits, help new employees accelerate the pace of role transformation and listen to the company's development strategy. The company specially organized the 2018 school enrollment and Chen’s symposium, and talked about “the road to newcomers after 90s”.

  • Categories:Company news
  • Author:keixn
  • Origin:kexin
  • Time of issue:2018-08-04 16:29
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On August 1st, 2018, the enrollment of the school was just one month. In order to understand the dynamics of the new recruits, help new employees accelerate the pace of role transformation and listen to the company's development strategy. The company specially organized the 2018 school enrollment and Chen’s symposium, and talked about “the road to newcomers after 90s”.

The first part of the symposium was Chen’s message and hope for new employees. General Chen said that this symposium hopes to talk with the enrollment of the 2018 school, and not only talk about Kexin, talk about work, but also talk about yourself, talk about life, and talk about dreams.

Session 1: Mr. Chen's opening speech, the ability to learn for life

Select City (Shenzhen) - Select Industry (Communication) - Select Company (Kexin)

When introducing the Shenzhen, Mr. Chen said that Shenzhen is a Shenzhen-based Shenzhen. “It’s Shenzhen people” is not just a slogan. Shenzhen people are like all the people here. The official language is Mandarin, and its features are more open. A city that is younger and more immigrant and struggling is a city that does not rely on background and relationships, and relies on its own hard work to get everything you want.

“Kein has been rooted in Shenzhen for 17 years. For the city of Shenzhen, this is a young city that is open, inclusive and has a cultural gene of struggle.” Mr. Chen said in his speech, “The communication industry is a fast-growing The industry is full of opportunities and challenges. It is possible that the knowledge you have learned about the communications industry at school has been eliminated as soon as you graduate."

The communications industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past 20 years. The development of the industry has made it impossible for textbooks to be updated. This industry requires everyone to have the ability to learn for life. It is necessary to live until the old learners will not be eliminated. It is not the opponent but the era that beats you!

In the 40 years of China's reform and opening up, it is very difficult to have an industry that can become a benchmark in the world, and the communications industry has done it. This industry is the pride of the Chinese. The company is based in CT in the ICT industry, providing communication equipment and solutions to China's three major operators and China Tower.

However, with the development of 5G technology and the technology wave of the Internet of Everything, Kexin has rapidly deployed its domestic business and international business (including the highest-end US market). The company established a research institute to deepen the technology and precipitate it through “borrowing the ship”. In the international market, Kexin is full of possibilities in this trillion-dollar market.

“Kein Technology is a relatively fair enterprise. In our management, no family, relatives or friends of any leader are employed in any department of the company.” Chen Zongru said, “We don’t want any talent. A struggler loses confidence in struggle in advance." "Struggle-based" is the logic of Kexin and Shenzhen logic. After 90s, there is no shortage of dreams and no lack of hard work. It is the fair stage of Kexin that gives unlimited possibilities after 90 years.

Session 2: Insider dreams are in the distance, the road is at the foot

As soon as the questioning session was reached, the 70 colleagues present in the room raised the small hand that had been durable for a long time and seized the opportunity to ask Chen.

"Escape from the North to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen" This is a craze that has been set up in the past. Chen, who is the "old white" in the workplace, is inevitably asked this topic.

Indeed, there will be greater material pressure in the life of Guangshen in the north, but Mr. Chen mentioned that this is a matter of choice. Shenzhen must be the place of struggle. Kexin must be the letter of the struggler and be good at himself. The choice, you will have a happy life.

Immediately, some students suggested that "Is it a line of love or a line of love?" Mr. Chen said to us in conjunction with his own experience: "I came to Shenzhen in 1994 and entered the communications industry in 1998. During the period, I changed jobs. I haven't been looking for an industry worth fighting for for a lifetime. After all, 'male is wrong.' So in 1997, I made a reflection on which industry I was going to enter. In the end, I fixed the goal, ‘non-communication industry does not enter’. 360 lines, the line is the champion, everyone to find their position, do a line of love is a professional requirement, if not, it will be eliminated by all industries. Don't focus too much on the industry itself. If you don't know it well, the judgment of the industry will be biased. ”

There are also new employees who ask Chen to ask how to do a good financial planning. This is amused everyone. Mr. Chen gave his own answer: "I have never fired stocks and have not speculated. I don't have much research on how to manage money, but I think the most valuable financial management is actually investing in yourself."

Among the many interactions, Mr. Chen repeatedly mentioned key words such as “dream”, “struggling”, “persistence”, “self-selection”, “self-identification” and “lifelong learning”. Everyone has the right to make choices, but since choosing the communications industry, choosing Kexin means that we need to work harder, pay more sweat, and grow with the company.

Mr. Lu Xun once said, "Where there is a genius, I use the work of drinking coffee for others." As Mr. Chen said, no matter what stage we are, we must persist in our struggles and have high goals. But we must start from a screw and continue to grow and summarize, participate in projects and lead projects, and slowly Grow into a towering tree.

After 3:90, do the general tutor of Chen. Are you getting to "Skr"?

In this era of everyone, you are a teacher in the last second, and you may be a student in the next second. In the workplace experience and life experience, Chen is always our mentor, but in the new words such as "ASMR, Skr, two yuan, earthy love words", we are not modestly a general after Chen. Tutor.

We took the opportunity to make a "old white" what is the taste of love?

A class of earthy love kings also came to the scene.

Love King: "Can I call you for you?"

Xiao Bai: "Why?"

Love King: "So you are in my heart"

This kind of earthy love words, presumably "old white" has been picked up!

The whole symposium ended in "the taste of love".

The original two-hour symposium lasted for four hours and ended. During the process of applause and laughter, we can fully appreciate the ardent expectations of the 18th new staff of Kexin’s helm, which is full of Kexin. On the big stage of opportunity and development space, accelerate the growth and development of the company, realize the company's big dreams and realize your own small dreams! Thank you, our most lovely Kexin!

The 2018 school recruiting staff symposium has come to a successful conclusion!


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