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What's the matter in the mountains? Songhua wine, spring water sencha. What is Kexin? Heroic and brave, fighting on the court.

On July 21, 2018, in order to build a healthy and active training environment, enrich the spare-time life of the trainees during the training process, improve the comprehensive quality of the 2018 students of Kexin Technology, and further cultivate the team spirit of mutual competition and mutual cooperation. Under the organization of the class teacher and the monitor, the "Kexin Technology 2018 Freshmen Basketball Friendship Game" was held on the basketball court of Dalang Commercial Center.

In this basketball game, the opponents of the first game were selected by drawing lots, and the double-loss game system was adopted to determine the final winner. Although the weather was hot, it couldn't stop everyone's enthusiasm. Colleagues came to the stadium to cheer.

At the beginning of the game, the team members of Squad 2 took the initiative and passed the ball quickly with vigorous and skillful movements, reaching the basket. Although the players of Class 3 were unwilling to show weakness and defended to death, they eventually fell behind Class 2 in the first half. In the second half of the game, the team members of Class 2 did not take the advantage of the score lightly, but actively cooperated, took advantage of the victory and pursued the game.


At the same time, there was a wonderful duel between the members of Class 1 and Class 4. The players on both sides were full of energy, you competed for me, you scored a goal and I immediately caught up, the score was tied for a long time, demonstrating the strong strength of both sides.

Although the audience did not participate in the competition in person, they are not bystanders. They are the solid backing of the players and share the joy together. The scorching sun could not resist the enthusiasm of the audience. They cheered and shouted for the players under the arena. Accompanied by loud slogans, the game was in full swing.

The most eye-catching is probably the championship match this time. Near noon, the outdoor temperature continued to rise, but the enthusiasm of the players and the audience did not diminish at all. With the referee's whistle, the game officially began. Serving, dribbling, passing, stealing, scrambling...the players on both sides are all alive and well, and the fierce competition has started. The situation is changing rapidly, tense and fierce, and the players are more motivated on the court.

The south wind passes by, the spring breeze for ten miles is not as good as you. How many times of sweating can be exchanged for a brilliant stroke on the court, even if there is imperfection, but going all out, there will be no regrets. Many players were injured because of the impact in the game, but they did not give up the game because of the injury. They stood up from wherever they fell, and after a simple treatment, they rejoined the fierce competition.

Players compete for one another on the court, rounds of fast breaks are advancing, and the movements are natural and natural. The multiple three-pointers made by the first class players also made the audience excited and applauded. At the end of the game, Class 1 finally won the basketball championship with a score of 36 to 19!

The four short games showed not only the hard work of the players on the field, but also the spiritual strength of the team to forge ahead together! An event, a team’s success has never been the credit of a single individual, it comes from The joint effort and collaboration of the team.

People will always ignore the hardworking staff behind the scenes, but we will not forget the referees who are running around the field to keep track of time and scoring, the colleagues who quietly prepare in the early stage, and those who are busy before and after the game. Mentors, without you, there would be no such passionate basketball game.

In this game, whether you are a player slamming Fang Qiu on the field, a referee running under the scorching sun, or a cheering spectator, you are the pride of our hearts. Because of you, ignited this game, ignited this summer.

Although the four classes compete with each other, every training before the competition, everyone sweats together, constantly running in, changing, suggesting and learning from each other, cooperating in competition, and making progress in cooperation. But no matter how good friends, how good brothers in training, on the court, every class will be merciless and strive for the first place! Played with momentum, played with passion, played with hard work and a belief in winning!



"Work hard and pursue excellence" is our culture, and the Kexin people on the court are also expressing this culture. Going all out when participating in the game is not only a respect for the opponent, but also respect for oneself.


The competitive sports spirit of doing the best in everything also applies to everyone in the workplace. Don't be arrogant when you are leading, and don't give up when you are behind. Before the final result is announced, you will never stop struggling and will always be the group of people who charge forward.

The new era has come, how can it stand still? The younger generation should be like the rising sun, and should not be afraid of mountains and seas. As Kexin's tomorrow, we should base ourselves on every little thing, step by step, and move towards the future hand in hand.

Perhaps the road to success is full of thorns, and there will be ridicule, grievances, tears, and pressure, but we always believe that holding on is everything, victory means a toast, and defeat means desperate rescue!

Thank you for being so brilliant and dazzling, being the unparalleled star in my ordinary years.

At this point, Kexin Technology's 2018 freshman basketball friendly game ended successfully!

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