Kexin Technology Helps Hubei Mobile to Add "Smart Core" to Manhole Cover

Time:2024-04-17 14:16


Author: keixn

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According to People's Daily - Hubei Channel

On the morning of July 5, the Wuhan area plunged into heavy rain. At 1100, the monitoring system of the Command and Control Center of the Qingshan District Urban Management Committee of Wuhan issued an alarm --- a manhole cover was displaced due to the impact of road water.

Based on the technical reserve of Wuhan City, based on Kexin technology in the Internet of Things, cloud platform and big data analysis, the company cooperated with China Mobile to deploy an intelligent manhole cover management system in Qingshan District, Wuhan, which can release the manhole cover displacement and open, water in real time. The warning of dip can inform the property owner and the supervisor in real time, and analyze the location and time of the high-frequency alarm phenomenon in the current data state, and make advance for the property damage caused by the urban mine, the manhole cover and the manhole cover missing. Early warning.

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With the rapid development of municipal public facilities construction, the manhole cover of all walks of life is densely distributed in various streets of the city, which has the characteristics of wide distribution, large quantity, difficult supervision and slow people's patrol. As a result of a large number of safety hazards, traffic and personal accidents caused by the loss of pavement covers are not uncommon. Practically solving the problem of supervision of manhole cover and responding to the policy planning of building a smart city has become a serious issue that the competent authorities at all levels of government need to think about and solve.

Kexin Technology deeply researches the needs of the industry, takes the customer as the center and takes the Internet of Things technology as the core, and establishes an end-to-end intelligent management solution for urban infrastructure to be refined, gridded and intelligent. Smart Manhole Cover is one of the series of solutions launched by Kexin Technology in the field of Internet of Things. It is widely used in many industries or departments such as communication, water, gas, electric power, heat, traffic management, public security, fire protection, sanitation and so on.

The smart manhole cover system consists of a smart manhole cover cloud platform, a NB-IoT communication base station, and a distributed smart manhole cover (built-in monitor). The monitoring data is reported to the management cloud platform in real time, and then the management cloud platform actively pushes to the mobile terminal APP in real time; provides real-time alarm analysis and historical alarm analysis; the GIS map displays the manhole cover, accurate addressing and navigation.

The Kexin smart manhole cover solution truly solves the regulatory problem of large-area dispersion distribution of the manhole cover, and changes [passive] to [active], and changes to [post-process] to [pre-prevention] and [in-process control], combined with "human defense". And "physical defense" to the greatest extent reduce the safety hazard of the manhole cover, effectively reduce the economic cost of urban management, is a strong support for the construction of smart cities.

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