This year’s New Year, we are together

Time:2024-04-17 14:12


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"Simulate your family at every festive season." As the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Spring Festival should be a day for families to get together and reunite. However, due to the new crown epidemic this year during the Spring Festival, Kexin Technology actively responded to the prevention and control calls of the national and local governments, and recommended that employees stay on the spot for the New Year.

On New Year's Eve on February 11, Kexin Technology held a 2021 Chinese New Year luncheon for left-behind employees, so that the family members who stayed behind during the Chinese New Year can feel the warmth of the Kexin family.

The luncheon was divided into two venues at the Shenzhen headquarters and its subsidiary Huizhou Yuanke. The company’s chairman and general manager Chen Dengzhi and deputy general manager Wu Hongli went to the Huizhou Yuanke venue to participate in the lunch. General Manager Zhao Yuyi accompanies everyone to celebrate the New Year together. On the day of the event, the two venues were connected in real time, and a total of 239 employees spent the festive season together.

At the beginning of the luncheon, President Chen delivered an important speech. First of all, President Chen expressed two gratitudes on behalf of the company: "In this reunion and celebration day, everyone actively responded to the company's "stay behind the New Year" initiative, staying in Shenzhen for the New Year and staying in Huizhou for the New Year. Thank you for fighting the country's epidemic. Contributed one's own strength; Yuanke has been established in 2009 for 12 years, and the total output value of 2020 has achieved a qualitative leap. This is a huge leap in Yuanke's history. The per capita output value is also ranked in Shenzhen and Huizhou. The company is at the forefront. This is a very remarkable achievement. It is the fruit of all the colleagues of Yuanke working together, fighting together, and fighting together. Thank you for your outstanding contributions to Kexin and global 5G construction in the past year. ."

Subsequently, Mr. Chen said on the current 5G internationalization situation: "We have encountered a historical opportunity that is rare in a century and a once-in-a-lifetime. Kexin's product transformation in the past three years and five-year global market strategic layout have achieved double-speed growth in the company's performance in 2020. At the same time, we made in-depth market insights and set a goal: the company's performance must maintain the same growth trend in the next three years. We must work hard for this goal, and Kexin will always remember the strugglers!"

Finally, Mr. Chen once again expressed his gratitude to all employees for their contributions in 2020, and wished all Kexin people a happy new year and all the best! I wish my parents, relatives and friends in my hometown good health and arrogance! The joyous atmosphere and happy laughter made this reunion luncheon full of home taste. It is believed that the luncheon will also leave an unforgettable memory for the Kexin people who spent the 2021 Spring Festival in a foreign land.

After an intense and exciting lottery draw, the 2021 Chinese New Year Reunion Luncheon of Kexin Technology ended perfectly in a festive and peaceful atmosphere.

Kexin Technology thanks every Kexin person who has contributed to the company's development! In the new year, Kexin Technology will unswervingly care for its employees, and work together to build a vigorous future for Kexin Technology!

Those who stayed behind in Kexin have something to say:

"This year I decided to stay deep for the New Year! The company is like our second home. Today's group luncheon has made me feel a different kind of warmth. I hope to create more glories with the company in 2021!" From the Quality Department of Shenzhen Headquarters Chen Dinghong couldn't hide the joy in his heart, and said excitedly.

"The company recommends that non-local employees stay for the Chinese New Year. This year, I spent the New Year with more than 200 colleagues, making dumplings, eating reunion dinner, on-site lottery, and WeChat grabbing red envelopes. The whole event made me feel very warm." From the Shenzhen Headquarters Finance Department. Li Hui, whose hometown is in Shaanxi, will stay in Shenzhen this year to celebrate the New Year.

"This is an inspiring group luncheon. Listening to the speech of the company's leader, Mr. Chen, everyone is more confident and firmly believes that Kexin will become stronger and stronger!" Hosted from the Huizhou Yuanke venue of this group year luncheon Tang Jiyun said with great pride.

"I am very happy to join my colleagues in the New Year's Eve on this special day and to welcome 2021 together. It is even more gratifying to have the company of all leaders. As a Kexin person, I will be more motivated in 2021. I wish you all the leaders. Colleagues have a happy Chinese New Year! Good health! Good luck in the Year of the Ox!" Chen Fangfang from the subsidiary Huizhou Yuanke Planning Department expressed excitedly.

The winter is gone, the snow melts and the grass is green.

In 2021,

We will surely turn the "bull" around and run towards happiness!

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