China's 4G Users Hit 770 Million

China's 4G Users Hit 770 Million

(Summary description)MIITrecentlyreleasedChina'stelecomindustryoperatingreportin2016.


MIIT recently released China's telecom industry operating report in 2016.

Statistics show that 4G users went through explosive growth of 340 million in 2016 in China with the total hitting 770 million in 2016, of which the penetration rate reached 58.2% among the mobile phone users; 2G mobile phone users reduced 184 million and accounted for 28.8% of the mobile phone users, descending from 44.5% of last year.

In 2016, China gained 26.17 million new telephone users, of which the total grew 1.7% year on year to 1.53 billion. Specifically, mobile phone users hit 1.32 billion with 50.54 million net additions while its penetration rate came to 96.2 units for every 100 people, increasing from 3.7 units of 2015. Fixed-line phone users dropped 24.37 million to 207 million.

During this period, China's three major carriers added 37.74 million fixed broadband access subscribers, taking the base to 297 million. Fiber access was continuously promoted in China - FTTH/0 subscribers added 79.41 million reaching 228 million, accounting for 76.6% of broadband users, 19.5% above the number of 2015.


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