Revenue of China’s cable industry will exceed CNY 90 billion in 2015

Revenue of China’s cable industry will exceed CNY 90 billion in 2015

(Summary description)C114 has learnt from related department of China Mobile that China Mobile's Internet enterprise – China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. has got its business license on October 30th and was formally put into operation.


C114 has learnt from related department of China Mobile that China Mobile's Internet enterprise – China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. has got its business license on October 30th and was formally put into operation.

According to the reports, China Mobile Internet was registered in Guangzhou and the legal representative was Hong Xiaoqin. Data shows that Hong Xiaoqin has served as deputy general manager of China Mobile Guangdong branch since 1999, he was transferred to serve as general manager of China Mobile Inner Mongolia branch in September of 2010 and as general manager of China Mobile Internet (preparatory) from September of 2015.

At the end of 2012, China Mobile's President Li Yue said that it would set up an Internet company. The industry insiders believe that the transformation of operation model was not only due to development needs of its own business, but mainly to deal with the impacts from the Internet enterprises.

Since last year, in addition to vigorously promote 4G construction, China Mobile has also accelerate the process in Internet business transformation trials, it tried to set up independent companies to adapt to the soaring development momentum of the mobile Internet, as a result, new media companies were established. In January of this year, China Mobile MIGU Company Limited was formally established in Beijing, MIGU was comprised of 5 independent subsidiaries majoring in music, video, animation, games and reading, respectively. The general manager of China Mobile Department of Data Service Liu Xin served as legal representative and general manager of MIGU Company.


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