Huawei starts 5G work

Huawei starts 5G work

(Summary description)Telecom only recently launched its 4G mobile network using the latest equipment from Huawei but the Chinese company is already working on its next generation of technology.


Telecom only recently launched its 4G mobile network using the latest equipment from Huawei but the Chinese company is already working on its next generation of technology.

It's necessary to start investing in research and development for 5G because "now almost everyone can generate big data," said Guo Ping on a recent visit to New Zealand. He is one of Huawei's trio of rotating chief executives who take turns leading the company for six months at a time.

As a first step Huawei is helping to develop global standards for 5G with the hope of offering data speeds of 10gbit/sec, 10 times the best achieved so far by 4G. This would make 5G comparable with fibre broadband and capable of delivering high definition and 3D movies to mobile phones.

Widespread deployment of 5G might be some five years away, he said. It would complement not displace fibre broadband.

As part of its relationship with Telecom, Huawei has started a joint innovation programme. It believes the agile commercial environment here and users' appetite for new technology could lead to development of products with a wide global appeal.


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