China Mobile’s 4G service reservation gained more than 100 thousand pre-orders

China Mobile’s 4G service reservation gained more than 100 thousand pre-orders

(Summary description)Yesterday, China Mobile announced the number of its 4G pre-subscribers. According to the source, so far the pre-orders hit 100 thousand. In Guangdong, the reservations topped over 50 thousand. It is estimated that the number in Zhejiang is pretty close.


Yesterday, China Mobile announced the number of its 4G pre-subscribers. According to the source, so far the pre-orders hit 100 thousand. In Guangdong, the reservations topped over 50 thousand. It is estimated that the number in Zhejiang is pretty close.

Earlier on 29 September, China Mobile Guandong branch first started 4G-experience appointment and launched several types of monthly packages from 138 RMB to 338 RMB.

As of Octiober, China Mobile opened near 8100 TD-LTE sites in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, realizing overall coverage in the two cities. China Mobile Guandong branch is planing to set 20 thousand new 4G base stations to cover the whole province.

In February this year, TD-LTE experiencers in Hangzhou exceeded 8600 and average daily traffic reached 180M per head. In Wenzhou, the experiencers rose to 1400 and average daily TD-LTE traffic data topped 200G.

Insiders revealed that China Mobile Hangzhou branch has already unveiled eight new 4G handsets the other day.

In addtion, Shanghai, Chengdu, Jiangsu, Qingdao and other cities are also starting to open 4G reservations these days.


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