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MIIT proposed 5G high frequency selecting principles

Source:c114 Date:2015-11-10 16:37

At the “2015 Future 5G ICT Summit ” held on November 6th, Li Hengshuai, director of spectrum planning of the Radio Administration Bureau of MIIT, said explosive growth of mobile traffic brought a huge problem--how to take good advantage of frequency usage with demands for spectrum resources increasing greatly. Raising the spectrum usage efficiency is becoming more and more important.

In terms of the mobile communication system, the application of radio technology mainly solves the problems of coverage, capacity, characteristics and connectivity. The limited propagation characteristic of spectrum makes it impossible for a kind of technology to solve all these problems at the same time. In order to realize the nice view proposed by 5G, the industry should mutually collocate the high frequency with the low one.

According to Li Hengshuai, various regional organizations and main countries were unanimous in support of setting up a new issue in WRC-19, namely seeking new frequency resources for IMT in 5G high-frequency band (higher than 6 GHz). He also made several suggestions about high frequency band planning: global or regional consistency, giving priority to the spectrums identified as mobile service, continuous bandwidth which is over 500MHz or 1GHz and considering protecting the existing service from the aspect of planning, especially the passive service.

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