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The celebration conference of the 2018 business operation and the 2017 summative commendation conference

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On the afternoon of February 8, 2018, Shenzhen Kexin Communication Technologies (stock code:300565) was hold the celebration meeting of the 2018 business operation and the 2017 summative commendation meeting. The project of the commendation meeting is “the future has come” and We summarize the past and look forward to the future. The company's shareholders, heads of all departments and all employees attended the commendation meeting.

1.Summarize the past and look to the future

Initially, the company vice Presidents of each system present the department report respectively, the order is the VP Mr Miao of the Marketing Department, the VP Mr Wang of the research and development system, the VP Mr Wu of supply chain system. Subsequently, Mr. Chen Dengzhi of the chairman and general manager present an important speech and commented on the work report of the each systems.

Chapter 1:The VP Mr Miao xinmin of marketing system——Focus on projects and create high profit 

The company vice President Mr MiaoXinMin mainly introduced the company domestic marketing system planning in 2018, the marketing system give a clear guidance for product, market, talent, system, industry related content in next three years.

Chapter 2:The VP Mr wang——The research and development system is not forget the beginning of the journey and always face the challenges

The VP Mr wang introduced company overseas sales target planning from 2018 to 2020, he also explain the plan of the esearch and development system in the next three years. at the same time to promote the whole development system priority in 2008 years.

Chapter 3:The VP Mr Wu hongli——Building the excellent supply chain for the Kexin

The VP Mr. Wu hongli start with a question, "why is the supply chain system important?". The VP Mr Wu give six dimension to explain the question which include Quality, cost, efficiency, flexibility, agility and integration. These six features will help the company build an excellent supply chain with comprehensive competitive advantage.The supply chain is commitment to achieve zero quality complaints, ensure the implementation of the project, and provide cost-effective and competitive products and solutions.

Chapter 4: Chairman and general manager Mr Chen dengzhi——“The future has come”.

The Company chairman and general manager Mr Chen Dengzhe present  presentation about the summary of work in 2017 and highlight the Work plan for 2018. Mr Chen stress that 2018 is a new start for Kexin 2.0 version, 2018 is new start to create remarkable technology and hug the future and the kexin will start the new company strategy which called “four times five years ”.

2. The target responsibility
The second item of the meeting was the signing ceremony of the target responsibility of 2018. The vice President of the company has signed the responsibility with the department manager.

3. Ceremony
The company hold a ceremony for ceremony Outstanding stuff and excellent group and 47 stuff reserved the honor.

4. Employee birthday party ---- love and happiness
After the award ceremony, the working group also prepared a small surprise for colleagues who celebrated their birthday in February and all the colleagues expressed their gratitude for the surprise of the company.

5.Dinner and lucky draw ---- “take your Iphone X”
The last item of the meeting is the dinner party and the most anticipated lucky draw. Did you get the big prize? Do you look forward to the Audi Q5 next year? The celebration conference of the 2018 business operation and the 2017 summative commendation conference ended with cheers.

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