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The sixth issue of Kexin Technology Enterprise Culture Lecture Hall

Writer:kexinDate:2019-05-08 17:58
On May 6th, 2019, the company organized the sixth lecture of Kexin Technology Enterprise Culture, and invited Xu Yanhui, the general manager of Kexin Technology Subsidiary, as the keynote speaker. Xu first gave examples of the corporate culture of external excellent enterprises, and then quoted them. To the history of Kexin's growth and the construction of Kexin's corporate culture, by telling a series of stories that happened around Kexin, and then focusing on the two transformations of each employee - the change of work style and work style.
When talking about the growth process of Kexin, Mr. Xu talked about the difficulties of Kexin’s initial business. The company’s account funds were extremely tight, leaving only 50,000 yuan. Even the employees’ wages could not be issued. The shareholders even mortgaged the house. Bank loan. He also talked about the story of Kexin's relocation from Honghualing to Guangming. It is precisely because such a group of Kexin people have been able to give up today's Kexin, although Kexin still has a long way to go, although it is going forward. The road is still full of ups and downs, but the spirit of Kexin people's hard work has always existed.
Mr. Xu said that behind the successful enterprises, there are excellent corporate cultures under support. Just like Huawei, Huawei people know that cultural resources are endless. In the case of limited material resources, culture is the way people move forward. The lighthouse can only overcome difficulties and gain development through the strength of culture and spirit.
Then, when Mr. Xu talked about "what is Kexin, what should it be?", the two most important aspects of the cultural construction of any company are the company's core values ​​and the company's general behavior. What kind of values ​​a company has, including ideas and visions, will determine how far the company may go and how high it will climb, but the way each of us behaves will ultimately determine how far the company can go and how high it can climb.
Kexin’s mission is to make connections more free;
Kexin’s vision is to be “a global provider of information networking equipment, application solutions and technical services”;
The core values ​​of Kexin are customer-oriented, technology-first; pragmatic and honest.
Kexin people only have a deep understanding of the company's corporate culture and strictly practice the company's code of conduct. Kexin's future will certainly last! And we need to integrate these ideas and visions into the thinking and behavior of every Kexin people, not just slogans. Just like the contemporary military, serving the people is the fundamental purpose of the Chinese military. It is precisely because "serving the people" is integrated into the consciousness of the military and even becomes their belief that the Chinese People's Liberation Army can attack and be invincible.
Finally, when telling the story that happened to the people of Kexin, Xu said that a good corporate culture is not only wearing a beautiful coat, but also a strong body under the outer coat. The poor body is absolutely unable to support the gorgeous coat. Insist on exercise and strengthen physical fitness.
Corporate culture will be like a person wearing clothes, wearing the outermost clothes, is the culture of appearance, the company needs to visualize, visualize and behave the inner temperament.
As Long Yingtai said: "People are scattered beads, and they are rolling around. Culture is the weak and strong filament that wears beads into society. Civil society, because it does not rely on imperial power or theocracy to strengthen Its base, culture has become its most important adhesive." Through the presentation of the corporate culture lecture hall, Xu stressed that every employee of Yuanke can deeply remember the company's mission, vision, core values ​​and behavior. Guidelines, etc., and can use behavior to defend and practice. Only through the practice of behavior can we strengthen the body of our enterprise and let our culture continue to be passed down.

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