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Kexin Technology Debate | Hear my voice

Writer:kexinSource:kexin Date:2019-07-04 19:07

Speaking of the sword, talking about the truth of the thousand; young talents, arguing against the world.

From July 2nd to 3rd, 2019, under the eager anticipation of everyone, the 4th and 2nd semi-finals of the Kexin Technology Enterprise Culture Debate Competition were held at the training center on the 6th floor of the company headquarters. The enthusiastic audience still flocked to the game early before the start of the game, and occupied a favorable position for themselves and colleagues in advance, cheering for the favorite team.

The first game started, and the square was a seal commando from international marketing. Their view was: "The realization of the value of employees should be self-driven." The realization of the value of employees is based on customer-centered, not only to create benefits for the company, but also to obtain material and spiritual satisfaction. Self-motivation is a spirit of hard work, pragmatism, and excellence.

The counter-party is the dream team from the delivery center. Their point of view is: “The realization of the value of the employees should be based on the opportunities provided by the company.” The company can be based on the quality, ability, education and technical level of the employees. Conduct value analysis, provide employees with a platform for display, choose the right people to do the right job, achieve the organic combination of human resources and physical capital, and make the best use of talents, so that the value of all employees can be maximized.

Players during the game

Logical and imposing

Triggered one after another orgasm

The second game is about to begin. The square is from the domestic marketing team. Their point of view is: "Humanized management can promote the development of enterprises." The competition among enterprises is ultimately the competition of talents. In his report to the 19th National Congress, General Secretary Xi proposed that "innovation is the first driving force for development." Talent is the source of innovation. If you want to innovate, you need to constantly stimulate their potential, subjective initiative and creativity through humanized management to promote the continuous development of enterprises.

The anti-party is the Thunder Excellence Team from the public support. Their view is: "Institutionalized management can promote the development of enterprises." The five information systems implemented by Kexin have enabled the company to get rid of the management method mainly relying on labor, and the system has greatly improved. The operational efficiency and response speed of the process, the results of the institutional process have been solidified through the information system, and the management has been standardized and specialized to better promote the company's development.

Here, they are eloquent, arguing, and arguing, they clarify the style and clarify the excitement; they are screaming and singular, showing the sharp eloquence, and the wonderful confrontation makes people scream!

This debate is not only the confrontation of the debaters, but also the collision of passion, showing the passion and wisdom of Kexin people.

“The more real life, the more luxurious the dream.”

Do you remember the blood and ambition of a young age?

Every soldier on the field is a legend at the moment.

No matter how many years later

This shocking moment will not pass away with time.

It will only be remembered repeatedly with the drift of the years.

They win more respect in respect


They did not really leave when they left.

Event preview:

The two teams in the finals and the debate are

Marketing System (SEAL Commando):

Opportunity is more important than struggle

Public support (Thunder Excellence Team):

Struggle is more important than opportunity

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