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Network Energy Storage Battery

  • Description
    • Commodity name: Network Energy Storage Battery
    • Commodity ID: 1230157705620639744

    Product Introduction

    Kexin is a company that provides physical connectivity equipment and application solutions for base station communication networks. As a part of the integrated base station system, the backup power system provides guarantee for the reliability of the base station network. Our company chooses lithium battery as the energy storage unit of the backup power system. The characteristics of high energy density and strong environmental adaptability make it well adapted to the high density and miniaturization trend of base stations, and it’s widely used in indoor and outdoor base station energy storage system. Our company is committed to the application of advanced communication network energy storage technology to provide efficient lithium battery backup system solutions and services for customers.


    Product Features

    Ø Standard maintenance-free design to meet the installation requirements of communication cabinets;

    Ø Compared with lead-acid batteries, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high energy density, good safety performance, environmental protection and no pollution;

    Ø Modular design makes capacity increase more convenient;

    Ø low internal resistance and superior rate performance;

    Ø Non sensitive to the floating charge voltage and more resistant to the floating charge;

    Ø The installed BMS has multiple protection and communication functions to ensure the reliability of the battery pack performance, and achieve long-distance real-time monitoring of battery data.


    Product Application

    It is applicable to a variety of communication application scenarios including mountain base stations, remote base stations, rooftop stations, outdoor macro stations, outdoor micro stations and indoor base stations, as well as other communication fields such as access network equipment, mobile communication equipment, transmission equipment, satellite ground stations, portable base stations, transit stations, and relay stations.


    Product Advantages

    Long service life, multiple parallel connection, strong adaptability, easy operation and maintenance, safe and environmental friendly.

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