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KEXIN Outdoor Assembly Cabinet - KXEC-F21-N-F

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KEXIN Outdoor Assembly Cabinet - KXEC-F21-N-F

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l KEXIN assembly cabinet (model: KXEC-F21-N-F) an outdoor cabinet for wireless site.

l The cabinet is made of the combined material of enhanced steel and FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymerand) with advanced technology, SGCC cabinet frame and SGCC internal rack.

l Being cooled by DC Air conditner with 2 pieces of ventilation fan as backup cooling system.

l It is designed according to high-grade dustproof and waterproof standard. Standard configuration: emergency ventilation fan, grounding bar, door open sensor and emergency light.

l Compact structure, floor installation, support lifting, intelligent temperature control system.


l High protection level: IP55

l Good electromagnetic anti-interference performance

l Provide enough space for future expansion

l 11U 19 inch for user equipment and 16U 19 inch for battery space

l Standardized enclosure platform with predefined accessories and options

l The cabinet body uses advanced combined material of enhanced steel and FRP , with strong anti-corrosion ability,light weight, long service life, high heat insulation performance and high strength

l 2000W DC aircon with 2 pieces of ventilation fan as backup to ensure the working temperature steady in a controlled range

l Strong anti-theft design: door embedded, hinge hidden, 4-point lock, door sensor


l Outdoor wireless site,accessing to 5G in future

l Outdoor enterprise communication network




l The cabinet structure allows disassembling the module form for convenient transportation and installation by labor. Each module weighs less than 65kg

l Thermal conductivity coefficient of insulation layer: ≤ 0.024W / (m.K)

l The density of insulation layer: ≤28kg / m3

l Powder coating is capable of anti-aging, and chemical corrosion, no discoloration when exposed to sun light. The paint process ensure a minimum thickness of 50um, the paint according to the product could pass the tests of bumps, scratches and bends that the paint still adheres to no peeling or cracking lasting over 5mm.

l Shock resist ability shell cabinet: Use a 3kg steel sphere and drop freely at 1m height compared to the cabinet surface without breaking and cracking the cabinet.

l For all frame details, Rectifier shell must be made of galvanized steel thickness ≥ 1.5 mm, Allows easy disassembly for moving work when construction in areas with tight spaces.

l The top of the cabinet as an area larger than the cross-section of the cabinet body (each side of the top's cabinet is 2.5cm larger than each side of the cabinet body). Roof with slope, flat surface ensures no water stagnation; Provide a roofing solution to limit direct sunlight (Structured installation of external shielding cover when deploying at a sheltered station)

l Cabinet floor has 15 cm from the bottom of the stand.

l The frame is structured by bearing steel bars, ensuring a minimum load of 600 kg

l 02 grounding rods 08 cable connection holes (35mm) with screws available in the attached bar are installed in the cabinet (01 bar for lightning protection, 01 bar for connecting devices).

l 01 ODF at least 24FO with 19-inch rack with available optical cable tray, universal connectors (24 adapters of SC / APC type, 24FO welding tray) and complete construction accessories.

l 01 socket 63A, 230V, 1 phase 3 pole side cabinet connected to interlock to supply power to the station by transmitter when power off. (The location of the socket allows the cabinet door to be closed during the process of running the generator and it is easy to operate the power supply from the transmitter located outside the cabinet)

l 01 minimum 220V socket 10A for maintenance

l 01 LED above the ceiling ensures lighting to work inside the cabinet, with automatic light switch when opening. installation accessories: connectors, warning wires, grounding cables, bolts, screws, heat shrinkable tubes, labels

l Minimum 16-channel warning bracket, warning signs to match price: AC warning, Rectifier, high temperature, open door, air conditioner, battery / battery warnings, environmental sensors

l Parts exposed to the environment when closed to ensure tight, dust-proof, minimum penetration water meet IP55 standards, against insects, mice, bugs penetrate

l There are at least 2 temperature monitoring sensors that allow installation at any two locations inside the cabinet. Accuracy of temperature monitoring sensors to 0.10C

l Minimum cabinet shell frame life: ≥20 years

l Can bear wind storm level 13

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