Youthful, with the wind || Yantian seaside plank road of the technical department, feel the most beautiful coastline

Time:2024-04-19 15:36


Author: kexin

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In the winter in Shenzhen, the wind is high and fresh, the sea breeze is slow, and with the light footsteps, we are walking against the wind, smelling the smell of the sea breeze, experiencing the passion and happiness of youth, walking on the 10-kilometer-long coastline of the Yantian seaside plank road, listening The sea waves, the sea breeze, the sea view, the chatting and laughing... The trip to Yantian Seaside Plank Road of Kexin Technology Research Institute and Technology Department has begun.

After the winter, Shenzhen has neither the sweltering heat of summer nor the coldness of winter. Under the high sun, 41 people from the technical department and their family members took a bus to the Yantian Seafood Street and set off. The hiking route is Yantian. Trekking on the 10 kilometers elite section of the plank road, Yantian Seafood Street→Dameisha Plank Road→Dameisha Beach→Beizaijiao Lighthouse.


The scenery is infinite, the blue water and blue sky, and the sea breeze blowing in the face, which makes people feel very comfortable. Along the seaside plank road, we breathed the slightly salty sea breeze, and with the frequency of waves hitting the reef, we moved forward in a rhythm.


Leaning on the plank road, overlooking the blue sea and sky, clear blue water, sparkling, blooming bougainvillea, vibrant, all the beautiful scenery is panoramic, which is refreshing. Visitors on the plank road enter the weaving, stop and go, sometimes admiring the scenery and sometimes being hydrophilic, leaving many shadows here.


Arriving at Dameisha Seaside Park is close to noon, various snacks and snacks are on the go. After all, after a full meal, we have the strength to continue hiking in the afternoon. After a picnic by the beach, we take a short rest and watch the children play on the beach enthusiastically.



The most classic is Dameisha Seaside Park, which has added several "check-in points"-viewing platforms. Standing on the viewing platform, you can view the mountains and the sea with a 360° full view and enjoy the invincible seascape. Touching the blue sea at zero distance, lifting the trousers, stepping on the soft sand, touching the sea with the toes, enjoying the softness and beauty of the waves beating on the feet.


The R&D management team Wen Yunhui’s one-and-a-half-year-old baby was super excited all the way. He was even more happy to see the beach and the sea. Despite the obstacles of his parents, the little guy ran straight to the beach. The baby was very cooperative throughout the whole process. It was amazing to follow everyone's footsteps and complete a full 10km hike.


After completing the 5-hour trek, everyone successively arrived at the end point of the itinerary-Beizijiao Lighthouse. It was already three o'clock in the afternoon. After a short break, everyone took a bus and embarked on the way home. This trek was perfect. At the end, all personnel completed a 10-kilometer hike. Although the beautiful scenery along the way can't be taken away, we have left our footsteps on the longest "seaside plank road" in the world.


During the hike, everyone also saw the iron tower outdoor cabinet produced by Kexin, which was built next to the lighthouse by the sea. Feeling the tranquility and beauty brought by the "forever" stone, we used our footsteps to measure the poems and the distance between the mountains and the seas.


This event not only demonstrated the sports enthusiasm of all the staff, but also fully demonstrated the team spirit of everyone's concerted efforts and united efforts and the tenacity of perseverance and surpassing oneself. We talked all the way, laughed and laughed, and we have become a beautiful The beautiful scenery, I hope such a beautiful day will stay in everyone's heart forever.


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