The speed of light went online, and the Kexin Thailand factory was fully put into production

Time:2024-04-17 14:09


Author: kexin

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With the expansion of the influence of China's economy in the world, it has become increasingly difficult for Chinese companies to operate overseas. Especially in recent years, factors such as the new crown epidemic, geopolitics, exchange rate fluctuations, and raw material prices have had a non-negligible impact on the operations of multinational companies. In this context, Kexin Technology fully understands and grasps the world trade rules and situation, starts to deploy international strategy and global supply chain system, and walks out a unique road to the sea with Kexin characteristics.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, the three-person project team of the Kexin Thailand factory set off. As the first echelon of the company's overseas journey, what they are about to face and must complete is not only to build a factory within a year, but also to fully open up production. Line, material, manpower, production, quality control all links, fully realize the efficient operation and management of the factory.

In a foreign country, the epidemic situation is urgent. From the project site selection to the end of the factory audit, the project team only spent 10 months to build a high-standard modern factory from sheet metal to final assembly on this unfamiliar land. The first batch of localized management and quality control teams are fully capable of mass production and efficient delivery under the premise of ensuring product quality.

At the end of November 2021, Kexin Thailand factory ushered in the first batch of customer audits, and a group of 6 people conducted a 5-day factory audit. Customers from SPQA to FAI, from SQAP to the local sheet metal supplier on-site, conducted a careful and professional review. Customers are not only surprised by the speed of construction of the Thailand factory, but also by our effective implementation of quality system, process control, personnel training and professional ability.


From groundbreaking to global delivery, the Thai factory project team has interpreted the company's core value of "pragmatic and hard work" with practical actions. This pioneering spirit of pioneering wasteland is the practice of Kexin's "customer-centric" concept.

With the advancement of the company's technological and market transformation, the company's technical route layout has been gradually completed, and the vertical integration of the industrial chain and global layout will become a new growth point. The pioneering battle has laid a good production capacity foundation for the company's global delivery.

With the further expansion of the global communication network energy market, the production capacity and delivery potential accumulated by Kexin Technology for many years will be released. We will always adhere to the core values ​​of "customer first, technology first", and continue to better serve customers and society. Create value. It is believed that with the trust and support of global customers, shareholders, partners and friends from all walks of life, with the joint efforts of all Kexin people, Kexin Technology will usher in a new era.

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Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises in 2021. The accumulated comprehensive strength has successfully entered the list of "specialized and special new" enterprises, which is another scientific and technological innovation certification of the company after passing the previous "high-tech enterprise" certification. "Specialized, refined and innovative" is a major project implemented by the state to promote the specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty of SMEs, enhance independent innovation and core competitiveness, and improve the development quality and level of SMEs. Enterprises that are cultivated, selected and supported are usually leaders who focus on market segments, focus on key technologies, strong innovation capabilities, good growth, high market share, and excellent quality and efficiency. The resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain plays an indispensable and important role in strengthening, complementing and stabilizing the chain. The award of "specialized, refined and new" enterprises this time is also a full affirmation of the technology, products and services of Kexin Technology over the years by the competent authorities, professional institutions, industries and customers. Kexin Technology adheres to innovation as the driving force for development. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been deeply engaged in the field of ICT, focusing on technological breakthroughs in 5G, IoT and IDC. It has more than 300 patents and over 60 computer software copyrights. Member, leading or participating in the drafting and revision of more than 50 national and industry standards. As a provider of professional communication equipment manufacturing, services and solutions, Kexin technology product research and development involves site energy, data center, communication energy storage and other aspects, and the service system fully covers 32 domestic provinces and cities and many important economies around the world In the region, related products have been successfully implemented in communications, transportation, education, medical care, finance, agriculture, real estate, exhibition and other industries. In the future, Kexin Technology will continue to practice the development path of "specialization, refinement and innovation". By increasing investment in scientific research, improving technological innovation capabilities, strengthening professional personnel training, consolidating the core competitiveness of enterprises, and creating more for customers and investors value, and make greater contributions to the development of global communications.


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