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  • Description
    • Commodity name: IBU00-R044850-01
    • Commodity ID: 1230157701413752832
    IBU00-R044850-01 is a 50Ah lithium iron phosphate battery designed for base station. It has the features of high efficiency, light weight, maintenance-convenient and on-line expansion. It's widely used in indoor and outdoor base station backup power storage system to provide stable and reliable backup power for base station network equipments, remote transmission equipments and mobile communication equipments.
    • Standard 19-inch design
    • Easy expansion, supporting parallel connection expansion of batteries
    • good cycling performance, extremely long service life
    • Modular fan-free design
    • Universal installation kits, free of engineering prospecting
    • BMS management realizes remote real-time monitoring of battery data
    • Safety and green,with strong environmental adaptability

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