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Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

  • Description
    • Commodity name: Optical Fiber Distribution Frame
    • Commodity ID: 1230157717146587136

    Product description

    Fiber distribution frame is a wiring connection device between optical cable and optical communication device or between optical communication devices. It is used for the connection and distribution of the central backbone optical cable in the optical fiber communication system, which can conveniently realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of the optical fiber line, and can be used in the transmission network room, the aggregation machine room, and the access machine room.



    Product features

    Ø The frame body is welded by metal plate and has high mechanical strength.

    Ø The surface adopts electrostatic spraying technology, corrosion resistant and has beautiful appearance.

    Ø Fusion wiring integrated unit or fusion wiring split unit is optional.

    Ø Fusion wiring unit can choose drawer or flip type.

    Ø Optional glass door panel or metal door panel.

    Ø Reliable cable entry and fixing, suitable for ribbon cable and bundle cable.

    Ø The route is divided by the partition, and there is no intersection in the cabinet.


    Product type

    Dimensions ( H × W × D )mm





    1296(54 of  24-core fusion wiring module) core

    Connector type: LC



    960(20 of  48 core fusion wiring unit box) core

    Connector type: SC



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