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Intermediate Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

  • Description
    • Commodity name: Intermediate Optical Fiber Distribution Frame
    • Commodity ID: 1230157718492958720

    Product description

    The intermediate optical fiber distribution frame is an optical fiber distribution frame capable of completing the functions of connection, scheduling, debugging of different optical communication devices in the communication machine room, and at the same time, capable of completing the storage function of the surplus jumper length of the line end and the equipment end.



    Product features

    Ø The frame body is welded by metal plate as a whole and has high mechanical strength.

    Ø The surface is electrostatically sprayed, corrosion resistant and has beautiful appearance.

    Ø High quality glass door for easy viewing and maintenance.

    Ø Modular design, optional 144-cell unit box, 96-cell unit box, 24-core MPO unit box;

    Ø The unit box has a reversible structure, which is easy for maintenance;

    Ø The left and right route are partitioned, Front and rear jump fiber structure, there is no crossover in the cabinet.


    Product type

    Dimensions ( H × W × D )mm






    9 of 144-cell unit box

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