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Base Station Outdoor Cabinet

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Kexin outdoor cabinet solutions are widely used in various types of communication sites, such as macro base stations, transmission stations, radio remote stations, repeaters, etc., to meet various equipment site environments including street, urban area, hilltop, square, rooftop, railway and highway, etc.

Main performance indicators

• Operating temperature: -40°C~+50°C

• Relative humidity: 5%~95%

• Solar radiation intensity: Total radiation intensity 1120W/m2±10%

• IP class: IP55

• Corrosion resistance: YD-T 1537&ISO 21207 3W&GR-487(Cabinets with different material are able to meet different standards)

Different series of cabinets can meet the following different standards


• NEMA250

• IEC 62368

• IEC 60950

• YD-T 1537-2006


The outdoor cabinets of Kexin adopt modular design, and categorized into independent battery cabinet, equipment cabinet, double compartment cabinet , multiple compartment cabinet , RRU cabinet and BTS cabinet. The door is designed for universal installation, including air-conditioning door, TEC door, heat exchange door, fan door and natural ventilation door. by selecting different types of cabinet body and door, it can be assembled into different type of single-compartment cabinet, and one or more single-compartment cabinets can be combined into different outdoor cabinet solutions according to actual requirements.



Cabinet Design


Modular Cabinet


You can flexibly combine 5 types of cabinets into various solutions according to the scene needs.

Replaceable Climate System

Uniform cabinet door size, flexible selection of various temperature control devices to meet various internal and external environmental requirements.



Temperature control equipment list

200W TEC air conditioner

300W air conditioner

1000W air conditioner

1500W air conditioner

120W/K Heat exchanger

190W/K Heat exchanger

Straight-through fan

Heating sheet (optional)


Modular Accessories

Other specifications can also be customized.

Ø Kexin has a complete database of standard materials of cabinet and adopts modular design which provides high replaceability.

Ø Standard materials include: Fan, Heat exchange, Air conditioning , TEC cooling,power systems, battery, etc.


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