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2001-2007 Survival

Development path

  • Year 2007

    Successfully launched active outdoor cabinet products with comprehensive performance advantages.

    The first large-capacity central office product OMDF, NGF.

  • Year 2006

    Improve the organizational structure and improve the management level.

    Took the lead in introducing online seamless capacity expansion transformation optical cable distribution cabinet products.

  • Year 2005

    The number of offices nationwide has increased to 8, and certified products cover 5 categories.

    Launched power distribution cabinets, which are widely used in various operators.

  • Year 2004

    Passed the quality management system certification of Taier Certification Center.

    Passed the ODF, DDF, OCC product certification of the Taier Certification Center.

    The optical passive workshop was put into production.

  • Year 2003

    Obtained Shenzhen "high-tech enterprises" title.

    Domestic initiative design for outdoor optical cable distribution cabinet’s door access control system and won the national patent, promote.

  • Year 2002

    Passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.

    Obtained ODF, DDF, OCC product telecom network access license.

    Reached a cooperation with German Kelon on the sales of OCC products in China.

    Became the key "science and technology incubator enterprise" of Shenzhen nanshan science and technology bureau.

    Continuous improvement of optical cable transfer box series products.

  • Year 2001

    Founded in Nanshan district.

    First launched ODF, DDF, MDF and a series of products.


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