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Micro Power Supply

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Micro power supply (MPS) series product is specially designed for base station supporting .MPS is a micro power source for micro-cell which composed with ODF module, lightning protection box, power supply module and battery. Highly Integrated, provide one-stop installation platform for base station construction.

MPS series with complete specification, AC version(220V) or DC version (-48V) option.

AC output range is 500VA~1000VA, DC output range is 500W~1500W; adapted to various scenes of base station construction; embed with large capacity 48V Li-ion battery. guarantee stable operation of base station; integrated with ODF function ; support extend with NB module or FSU module. Product state could be real-time monitored. Small size and light weight, launch station quickly.

Product use die-cast aluminum material, size small, weight light, with strong adaptability, supports wall hanging or pole installations. Special for telecom operators to build base stations.


• Modularize design. Integrated with power supply, ODF, PDU, monitor etc.

• Small size(372mm×280mm×214mm), light weight (18Kg);

• Integrated molding, firm structure,safety and reliability, IP65;

• Support AC, DC or AC + DC simultaneous output;

• Configuration with 20Ah Li-ion battery, extendable accordingly;

• Flexible installation, support wall- mount or pole-mount;

• Structure Design similar with RRU.

Product value

Power backup

AC input , battery embed to guarantee the power supply.

Small cell supporting platform

Function completely convenient for fast deploy; ODF embed; provide one station solution.

Quickly build

Small size , weight light , deploy easily , supportswall- mount or pole-mount, no need to build extra concrete station. Conducive to small space installation.

Long endurance

Standard with 20AH battery, backup time 4h(load 250W), battery group extendable, capacity could be extend to 60AH.

Applications Scenarios



Product design

Product structure:

• Made of die-cast aluminum integrated design, protection grade IP65, natural heat dissipation, maintenance free.

• Power part, PDU part , ODF &battery. Integrated into one box and Fixed into separated space, provide one-stop installation

platform for base station construction.

• Support AC, DC or AC+DC output, Meet a variety of application scenarios.

• Interface plenty: AC version with 3 AC & 1 DC simultaneous.

• DC version with 4 DC output, standard RS485 interface support.



Product installation:

• Support wall- mount.

• Support pole-mount.

With the installation backplane, MPS hung on the backboard after the backplane fixed , installation convenient and quick.




• Reserved battery interface, high flexibility of power supply configuration.

• Battery capacity can be expanded to 60AH.

• Standard 20AH battery, backup 4 hours (250W power consumption).



Battery characters




Embed battery group



Individual specifications

3.7V, 2500mAh

Rate volt

48.1 VDC

Work volt range

39~54.6 VDC


20 Ah, could be extend to 40Ah



Charge parameter


Rate volt

54.6 VDC

Max volt

56 VDC

Recovery volt

54.6 VDC

Charge current

5 A






reverse connect protection


Not work

Theft alarm


Detective when open

Lower energy alarm


alarm,Inverter not stop ≥43.5V alarm reset

Lower volt protection


hysteresis voltage 4V,after protection no power supply, disconnect the battery and  system shutdown.

Over-voltage protection




20AH Li-ion battery Discharge curve

1 group(1#)battery pre-discharge to 39V, with 5A current fully charged to 54.6V, lay aside 10min, with 20A current discharge to 41V, (discharge time more than 54min)result as follow:



Wireless monitorConfiguration parameters




The product is installed or used at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, and the output power is reduced by 1% for every 100 meters.

Configuration parameters


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